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John Sealander

John SealanderJohn Sealander is an avid watch enthusiast and collector who has spent the last ten years building a collection of over 350 vintage timepieces. John’s primary area of interest is in watches from 1970’s. This innovative period saw the introduction of a fascinating variety of LED and LCD watches that displayed the time in digital form. The innovative Bulova Accutron watches were also setting new standards for accuracy during this period.

When not checking the time, John takes care of business at Sealander & Company, the interactive ad agency he founded in 1990. Sealander & Company has worked for a wide variety of leading brands, including companies like Siemens, Baily Banks & Biddle, and Pepsi.

John is also active in animal rescue circles and served as a commissioner on the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission from 2005 through 2007. He is the author of the popular blog Some Assembly Required where he features a watch from his collection each day.

John Sealander Articles

3H Italia Quartz Watch Collection
3H Italia Unisex CC10 Cube Chronograph Watch Collection
Calibre Akron Watch Collection
Calibre Buffalo Watch Collection
Calibre Lancer Watch Collection
Calibre Mauler Watch Collection
Calibre Recruit Watch Collection
Calibre Sea Knight Watch Collection
Calibre Sea Wolf Watch Collection
Calibre Trooper Watch Collection
Catorex Les Petites Women’s Sphere Pendant Watch Collection
Catorex Men’s Les Petites Mechanical Hand-Wind Pocket Watch Collection
Claude Bernard Classic Chronograph Collection
Eterna 1948 Watch Collection
Eterna Tangaroa Watch Collection
Fortis 100th Anniversary Marinemaster Chronograph Retro Edition Watch Collection
Fortis Aquatis Diver Watch Collection
Fortis Aviatis Watch Collection
Fortis B-42 Diver Watch Collection
Fortis B-42 Flieger Automatic Watch Collection
Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT Watch Collection
Fortis B-42 Marinemaster Watch Collection
Fortis B-42 Pilot Professional Chronograph Watch Collection
Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Collection
Fortis Blue Horizon Limited Edition Watch Collection
Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection
Fortis Daybreaker Watch Collection
Fortis F-43 Jumping Hours Watch Collection
Fortis Flieger Cockpit Watch Collection
Fortis Hedonist Watch Collection
Fortis Hungarian Air Force Squadron Watch Collection
Fortis Marinemaster Watch Collection
Fortis Monolith Watch Collection
Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Watch Collection
Fortis Official Cosmonauts GMT Watch Collection
Fortis PC-7 Team Watch Collection
Fortis Spaceleader Chronograph Watch Collection
Fortis Spacematic Classic Watch Collection
Fortis Spacematic Pilot Professional Watch Collection
Fortis Square Chronograph Watch Collection
Fortis Terrestis Watch Collection
Fortis Tycoon Watch Collection
Gattinoni Aries Watch Collection
Gattinoni Cassiopea Watch Collection
Gattinoni Elettra Watch Collection
Gattinoni Gemini Watch Collection
Gattinoni Men’s Draco Watch Collection
Gattinoni Mosaic Watch Collection
Gevril 1758 Pocket Watch Collection
Gevril Alberto Ascari Limited Edition Watch Collection
Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Watch Collection
Gevril Avenue of Americas Men’s Watch Collection
Gevril Avenue of Americas Mezzo Watch Collection
Gevril Avenue of Americas Mini Watch Collection
Gevril Mulberry Watch Collection
Gevril Sea Cloud Men’s Watch Collection
Gevril Vanderbilt Watch Collection
Gevril Washington Watch Collection
Giulio Romano Ferrara Collection
Giulio Romano Pescara Watch Collection
Giulio Romano Piemonte WatchCollection
Giulio Romano Rimini Watch Collection
Giulio Romano Termoli Watch Collection
Giulio Romano Toscana Watch Collection
GV2 Apulia Chronograph Collection
GV2 Asti Watch Collection
GV2 Astor Watch Collection
GV2 Astor Chronograph Collection
GV2 Astor Enamel Watch Collection
GV2 Bari Watch Collection
GV2 Bari Multi Watch Collection
GV2 Berletta Watch Collection
GV2 Carrara Watch Collection
GV2 Catania Watch Collection
GV2 Contasecondi Watch Collection
GV2 La Luna Watch Collection
GV2 Macchina Del Tempo Watch Collection
GV2 Marsala Gemstone Watch Collection
GV2 Marsala Sub Eye Watch Collection
GV2 Marsala Women’s Watch Collection
GV2 Montreux Chronograph Collection
GV2 Motorcycle Sport Watch Collection
GV2 Polpo Chronograph Collection
GV2 Principessa Watch Collection
GV2 Sassari Watch Collection
GV2 Scuderia Watch Collection
GV2 Termoclino Diver Watch Collection
GV2 Triton Watch Collection
GV2 Vittoria Watch Collection
GV2 XO Submarine GMT Watch Collection
Haurex Acros Watch Collection
Haurex Aeron Watch Collection
Haurex Beauty Watch Collection
Haurex City Watch Collection
Haurex Factor Watch Collection
Haurex Gun Watch Collection
Haurex Leaf Watch Collection
Haurex Magister Watch Collection
Haurex Space Chrono Watch Collection
Haurex Storm Watch Collection
Haurex Tremor Watch Collection
Haurex Turbina Watch Collection
Haurex Turbina II Watch Collection
Hush Puppies 1958 Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Classic Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Cuff Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Freestyle Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Men’s Orbz Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Women’s Orbz Watch Collection
Hush Puppies Signature Watch Collection
Johan Eric Agersø Watch Collection
Johan Eric Arhus Watch Collection
Johan Eric Ballerup Watch Collection
Johan Eric Esbjerg Watch Collection
Johan Eric Fredericia Watch Collection
Johan Eric Naestved Watch Collection
Johan Eric Herlev Watch Collection
Johan Eric Helsingør Watch Collection
Johan Eric Hobro Watch Collection
Johan Eric Holstebro Watch Collection
Johan Eric Køge Watch Collection
Johan Eric Orstead Watch Collection
Johan Eric Randers Watch Collection
Johan Eric Ribe Watch Collection
Johan Eric Streur Watch Collection
Johan Eric Skive Watch Collection
Johan Eric Tondor Watch Collection
Johan Eric Vejle Watch Collection
Johan Eric Vejle Diamond Watch Collection
Johan Eric Viborg Watch Collection
JOWISSA Crystal and Crystal 3 Collections
JOWISSA Elegance MOP Mother-of-Pearl Watch Collection
JOWISSA Facet Strass Watch Collection
JOWISSA Men’s Pegasus Watch Collection
JOWISSA Roma Colori Watch Collection
JOWISSA Roma MoL Watch Collection
JOWISSA Roma Pastell Watch Collection
JOWISSA Roma Watch Collection
Just Cavalli Ice Watch Collection
Just Cavalli Pulp Watch Collection
Just Cavalli Shiny Watch Collection
Just Cavalli Trendy Watch Collection
Laurens Colorato Watch Collection
Meccaniche Veloci CCM Limited Edition Watch
Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver Evo Watch
Meccaniche Veloci Limited Edition Colors
Meccaniche Veloci Luxury Gold Watch Collection
Meccaniche Veloci Only One – Air Helicopter
Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole 48 CLASSIC
Rolf Sachs and Fortis Watch Collaboration
RSW Windflower Watch Collection
Rudiger Bonn Watch Collection
Rüdiger Chemnitz Watch Collection
Rüdiger Dresden Collection
Rüdiger Essen Watch Collection
Rüdiger Gorlitz Watch Collection
Rüdiger Hamelin Watch Collection
Rüdiger Hesse Watch Collection
Rudiger Kassel Watch Collection
Rüdiger Konstanz Collection
Rüdiger Leipzig Watch Collection
Rüdiger Siegen Watch Collection
Rüdiger Stuttgart Watch Collection
Rüdiger Zwickau Watch Collection
Valentino Eden Watch Collection
Valentino Lace Watch Collection
Valentino Rockstud Watch Collection
Valentino Timeless Mini Gemme Collection

3H Italia 441AN Men’s Oceandiver Black Dial Diver Watch
3H Italia BH04 Men’s Black Hole 52mm Black Dial Diver Watch
3H Italia T8B Men’s Titanium Black Carbon Fiber Dial Watch
Avio Milano BK5502 Men’s Black Collection Chronograph Watch
Avio Milano Men’s 50 MM TP ORANGE 50MM Collection Chronograph
Avio Milano SA AC 1001 Men’s Super Collection Onlytime Watch
Belstaff BLF1001BB Men’s Vintage Collection Black Dial Watch
Belstaff BLF2001AA Men’s Adventure Collection White Dial Watch
Belstaff BLF2007AA Men’s Adventure Collection Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Catorex 128.1.8164.321-BM Men’s Voyager 3 Automatic Luminous Black Dial Watch
Catorex 138.1.8169.320-BR Men’s Chrono Sport Automatic Luminous Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Catorex 171.6.1634.110 Men’s Les Breuleux Automatic White Dial Swiss Pocket Watch
Claude Bernard 10205 3 NIN Men’s Aquarider Chronograph
Edox 01110 3 NIN Men’s WRC Automatic Chronorally Watch
Edox 01505 3 NIN Men’s Les Vauberts Chronograph Retrograde Watch
Edox 10013 357N NIN Men’s Classe Royale Big Date Chronograph
Edox 10304 37N2 GIN Men’s Iceshark III Limited Edition Chronodiver Watch
Edox 10305 37N1 NRO Men’s Chronodakar Limited Edition Watch
Edox 64009 3 NIN2 Men’s Dakar Limited Edition Watch
Edox 80078 357RN NIR2 Men’s Class-1 Automatic Rotating Bezel Black Dial Watch
Edox 85008 3 AIN Men’s Grand Ocean Open Heart Automatic Silver Dial Watch
Edox 87003 3 AID Men’s Limited Edition Grand Ocean Cape Horn 5 Minute Repeater Watch
Edox Iceman II Limited Edition Le ‘Gokyo’ Dive Watch
Eterna 1210.69.43.1183 Men’s KonTiki Rose Gold Limited Edition Anniversary Watch
Eterna 1942.41.64.1177 Men’s Heritage Pulsometer Limited Edition 1942 Luxury Watch
Eterna 2410.48.67.0264 Women’s Contessa Two-Hands Watch
Eterna 7630.69.10.1185 Men’s Vaughan Rose Gold Big Date Luxury Watch
Eterna 7712.41.41.1177 Men’s Madison Three Hands Spherodrive Watch
Fortis 595.11.82 Si 29 Unisex Limited Edition “Frisson” Art Watch by Rolf Sachs
Fortis 621.10.12 M Lady Flieger Watch
Fortis 623.10.42 N.11 Spacematic Day/Date Watch
Fortis 623.10.51 SI.01 Spacematic Black-Red Day/Date Watch
Fortis 624.22.11 M Spacematic GMT Pilot Watch
Fortis 655.18.12 Men’s Nocturnal Watch
Fortis 660.27.11 M B-42 Titanium Official Cosmonauts Alarm Chronograph
Fortis 665.13.19 L.01 Men’s B-42 Stratoliner 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Fortis 670.10.41 KE Men’s B-42 Marinemaster Limited Edition Army Emblem Day/Date Black Dial Watch
Fortis 674.20.15 Si05 Men’s B-47 100th Anniversary Worldtimer Limited Edition Rotating Dial Watch
Fortis 703.20.92 LC05 Men’s F-43 Flieger Limited Edition Chronograph Alarm GMT Chronometer C.O.S.C. Dual Power Reserve
Fortis 800.20.85 L.01 Marinemaster Limited Edition Vintage Watch
Fortis 2π Watch by Rolf Sachs
Gattinoni 202681SA13-44B Women’s Planetarium Swarovski Crystal Watch
Gattinoni W0194LSTSLV Women’s Mira Glitter Logo Planetarium Watch
Gattinoni W0195JSSBLU Men’s Draco Blue Planetarium Watch
Gattinoni W0224BGGCHM Women’s Norma Gold IP Planetarium Bracelet Watch
Gevril GV2 8805 Men’s Corsaro Limited Edition Black Dial Chronograph
Gevril GV2 9002 Men’s Fiamme Limited Edition Watch
Gevril 3000R Men’s GV2 Parachute Collection Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Gevril 4041B Men’s GV2 Powerball Collection Big Date Gold Dial Watch
Gevril 4511 Men’s GV2 XO Submarine Collection Moon Phase Black Dial Watch
Gevril 5110 Men’s Avenue of Americas Limited Edition Rose Gold Chronograph Watch
Gevril 6208RV Women’s Avenue of the Americas Glamour Automatic Pink Diamond Watch
Gio Monaco 379-A Men’s Geopolis Automatic Dual Time 24 City Inner Bezel White Dial Watch
Gio Monaco 767-A2 Men’s Graffiti Automatic Geographic Scenes Dial Blue Alligator Leather Watch
GO Girls 694070 Round Case Black Ceramic Watch
GO Girls 694450 Black Dial Crystal Steel Bracelet Watch
GO Girls 697768 Blue Dial Crystal Blue Soft Rubber Watch
GV2 9700 Aurora Men’s Limited Edition Black-on-Black Watch
Hector H 665231 Men’s Retrograde Dual Time Brown Dial Watch
Hector H 665248 Men’s Natural Leather Band Silver Black Date Watch
Hector H 665253 Men’s Silver Brown 24-Hour Day Date Subdial Watch
Haemmer DHC-12 Women’s Secrets Cino Yellow Dial Chronograph Watch
Haemmer DHC-19 Women’s Secrets Nereus White Dial Chronograph Watch
Haemmer HC-07 Men’s Invader Orange Accents Oversize Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Haemmer HC-17 Men’s Giants Zelos Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Haemmer ND-02 Men’s Navy Diver Blackfin Automatic Black Dial Watch
Hanowa 16-4004.04.001 Men’s Wimbledon Silver Dial Chronograph
Hanowa 16-5015.12.007 Men’s Ascot Rose Gold Black Dial Watch
Hanowa 16-6000.02.001.10 Women’s Timeless Mother-of-Pearl Watch
Haurex 1K374UON Men’s INK Orange Aluminum Black Dial Date Diver Watch
Haurex 2P504URR Men’s Tremor Watch
Haurex 3A501UNN Magister Day Retrograde Date Watch
Haurex 3N364UNR Men’s Challenger RS Black Dial Date Watch
Haurex 7A500UON Factor Stainless Steel Rotating Bezel Watch
Haurex 8S340DWB Women’s Yacht Lady White Dial Day Date Watch
Haurex 9R330UGH Men’s Maestro Black Dial Chronograph Watch
Haurex CY501USN Magister Automatic Watch
Haurex FH341DNH Women’s Grand Class Crystal Bezel Textured Black Dial Watch
Haurex FH359DG1 Women’s Nabylia Swarovski Satin Gray Dial Watch
Haurex N1354UNB Men’s Caimano Watch
Italico ITCB05-F Men’s Coliseum Round Marbleized Green Dial Watch
Italico ITGR03-F Men’s Gladiatore Square Creamy Yellow Dial Watch
Italico ITIP02-F Men’s Imperatore Tonneau Marbleized Gray Dial Watch
Johan Eric JE1003-04-001.2 Men’s Tondor Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE-1300-04-001 Men’s Agersø Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE1600-04-001.3 Women’s Orstead Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE3001-04-001 Men’s Skive Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE5001-04-001.3 Women’s Vejle Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE8000-13-007 Men’s Viborg Danish Designer Watch
Johan Eric JE9000-12-001B Men’s Helsingør Danish Designer Watch
JOWISSA J5-118-XL Women’s Multi-Faceted Crystal Pyramid Watch
JOWISSA J5-194-XL Women’s Crystal 3 Emerald Green Dial Watch
Louis Erard 20700SE04.BAV10 Women’s Emotion Square MOP Alligator Leather Diamond Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 44204SE10.BDC02 Women’s 1931 Automatic Perpetual Date Diamond Watch
Louis Erard 47207OR31.BAC02 Men’s 1931 Mechanical Hand-Wind Rose Gold Watch
Louis Erard 62233AA10 Men’s Excellence Open Balance Watch
Louis Erard 66226AA01 Limited Edition 1931 Vintage Small Seconds Watch
Louis Erard 69101AA05.BMA19 Men’s Heritage Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 78 104 AA 11 Men’s Héritage Automatic Chronograph
Louis Erard 82210AA01.BDC51 Men’s 1931 Automatic GMT Silver Dial Black Leather Watch
Louis Erard 87221AA01.BDCL52 Men’s 1931 Automatic Retrograde Power Reserve Date Watch
Louis Erard 92310SE02.BAV04 Women’s Emotion MOP Black Dial Alligator Leather Diamond Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 92600OS11.BACS5 Women’s Emotion Automatic Rose Gold Diamond Watch
Louis Erard 30208AA02.BDE10 Men’s 1931 Exhibition Watch
Louis Erard 47207AA21.BDCL21 Men’s 1931 Silver Dial Manual Watch
Louis Erard 94210AA23.BDC54 Men’s Tonneau GMT Watch
Meccaniche Veloci W207K2_208 Men’s Ace Café Luxury Exhibition Watch
Meccaniche Veloci W413O1_268 Men’s Corsa Corta Luxury Exhibition Watch
Offshore Limited OFF001D Men’s Force 4 Black Dial Chronograph Watch Orange Accents
Police PL.12557JS/04 Topgear Pearl Silver Dial Watch Orange Accents
Police PL.12899XSB/02 Men’s Dominator Black Dual Face Watch
Roamer 770990 40 05 07 Trekk Master Expedition Chronograph
RSW 6025.BS.L1.12.D1 Women’s Wonderland Round Black Dial Watch
RSW 7110.MS1.R1.10.00 Men’s Crossroads Square Collection Black Dial Automatic Watch
RSW 9140.PP.PP.1.00 Men’s Consort Collection Dual Time Black Dial Oval Watch
Viceroy 432049-05 Men’s Fun and Colors Watch
Viceroy 432833-05 Real Madrid Black Luminous Watch
Viceroy 432835-55 Real Madrid Chronograph Watch
Viceroy 47617-55 Men’s Special Edition Fernando Alonso Chronograph

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