Introducing Giulio Romano Termoli Collection

Termoli Castle, Termoli Italy

by John Sealander  

An Iconic Design Inspired by a City’s Historic Clock Tower

Giulio Romano WatchesPeople have lived in Termoli, Italy since pre-historic times. This beautiful city on Italy’s Adriatic Coast has been ruled by Romans, Normans, and the Hohenstaufen emperors, who built the iconic castle that remains as the town’s focal point today. High on the castle’s massive crenelated keep is a large clock that can be seen for miles around.

To commemorate Termoli’s historic castle and its iconic tower clock, Giulio Romano has come up with a strikingly massive design of its own. The stunning new Giulio Romano Termoli features a classic three-hand display that echoes the simple outline of the city’s famous clock. There is nothing old-fashioned about this massive 46mm timepiece however. Giulio Romano Termoli watches represent fashion-forward Italian design at its very best. From the dramatic raised Roman numbers on the chapter ring to the beautiful engraved Italian coat of arms on the screw down case back, this is a watch that can’t be ignored.

Giulio Romano Termoli – GR-6000-17-004 Giulio Romano Termoli – GR-6000-14-011
Giulio Romano Termoli - GR-6000-17-004 Giulio Romano Termoli - GR-6000-14-011
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All watches in the Termoli Collection feature a high-tech aluminum case with an anti-scratch coating and are powered by a precision Miyota 2115 quartz movement. This sporty timepiece has a durable mineral glass crystal and is equipped with Giulio Romano’s signature studded crown with seven raised dots. The watch is fitted with a comfortable silicon strap embossed with a fashionable dot pattern and the Giulio Romano logo.

Like the famous clock tower of its namesake city, the Giulio Romano Termoli is a timepiece that is hard to ignore. This bold, masculine design, much like Italy itself, artfully combines the old and the new in a way that only the Italians can. Termoli timepieces are available in a variety or colors with several finish options. If you’re a confident man who respects the past and has his eyes focused on the future, you’re going to want a Giulio Romano Termoli timepiece on your wrist. To acquire one of these iconic Italian masterpieces, contact an authorized Giulio Romano dealer immediately and reserve your Termoli timepiece today.

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  1. David P. Baker says:

    Love the look! The high-tech aluminum case should make this beautiful 46 mm watch feel light; you might not notice it on your wrist if you are used to heavier watches.

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