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Paris Hilton Watches

Paris Hilton Wearing WatchLuxurious Glamor – Hollywood Style

Paris Hilton, the Hollywood high fashion princess herself is taking the fashion watch world by storm with her trendy new line of fashion watches that bears her name.

As one of the most famous women in the world, Paris Hilton has become an iconic figure in fashion and entertainment, acting as a global trendsetter and international ‘It’ girl. In like manner, Paris Hilton’s fashion watch collection is fashionably feminine, for women everywhere who dare to be stylish and who enjoy the finer things. Dripping in crystals and designed to be noticed, Paris Hilton Watches give every girl a bit of glamor to bring out her individual style.

Paris Hilton WatchesMore than just beautiful, Paris Hilton Watches bridge the gap between high fashion and high quality. The watches in the Paris Hilton collection are first and foremost made from the finest materials by some of the most talented and innovative watch makers in the industry.

Buy Paris Hilton WatchesMade for both fashion and function, trendy and stylish Paris Hilton Watches add everyday glamor to any fine accessories collection, making them well worth the investment. Finely crafted and beautifully styled, Paris Hilton fashion watches turn heads and set trends around the world, and are sure to enhance your own look with a touch of Hollywood flair.

Paris Hilton Watches recently introduced a Summer line at Baselworld.


The PRINCESS watch by Paris Hilton is playfully decadent, dripping with crystals and made to shine. Big enough to be noticed but subtle enough to avoid being gaudy, PRINCESS brings just the right sparkle to add a royal touch to any look.

With 18 crystals in the bracelet and Paris Hilton’s shimmering crystal powder logo on its wide oval face, PRINCESS is a perfect watch for day-to-night glamor around the clock.

Available in silver, gold, and rose gold.

Paris Hilton Hollywood WatchHOLLYWOOD

Flashy and classy, the HOLLYWOOD watch is paparazzi perfect with the star quality you associate with Paris Hilton. A favorite of style conscious fashion divas, Hollywood is the perfect balance of sleek and fabulous.

The square face dons modern numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 encrusted with crystal powder, and is covered with a three dimensional diamond-cut crystal, giving HOLLYWOOD added distinction and flair. The leather band is embossed with stars and Paris Hilton’s signature logo.

Available in silver, gold, and black, HOLLYWOOD gives every girl that trendy edge that defines celebrity style.

Paris Hilton ICE GLAM WatchICE GLAM

When bling is your thing, ICE GLAM expresses your high fashion style. Made to gleam and sparkle, ICE GLAM captures the essence of Paris Hilton’s extravagant lifestyle and posh taste.

A watch for the “It” girl in you, ICE GLAM brings a classic, mother-of-pearl watch face together with gleaming crystals on and around the dial for a dazzling jeweled accessory that just begs to be noticed.

Available in pink, white, black, and pink-white, ICE GLAM is definitely high impact wrist candy.


Named for Paris Hilton’s faithful canine companion, TINKERBELL is a dog chain-style charm bracelet with a small watch charm.

Heart charms full of crystal hang from the stainless steel bracelet with dainty, feminine style that is both trendy and classic. The timeless allure of the silver charm bracelet meets the celebrity style of Paris Hilton in TINKERBELL.


One of the most coveted pieces in the Paris Hilton watch collection, BEVERLY is where high fashion meets high function. This watch style infuses classic, timeless watch design with a dose of glam true to the high end flair of Beverly Hills.

The round watch face is completely covered in rows of glimmering crystals, with raised metal numerals in silver, gold, or multiple colors to match your choice of matching silver, gold, or a range of colored wristbands.

This customizable timepiece has glamorous crystal powder encrusted numerals with an oversized 12 and 6, with three smaller dials within the face indicating the weekday, the date, and military time.

Buy Paris Hilton WatchesSleek and streamlined with high class bling, BEVERLY is a swanky, must-have accessory.

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