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GV2 Lucky 7 Roulette Wheel Watch

by John Sealander If you thought it was impossible to find a truly unique wristwatch, your luck is about to change. Designed to bring the

Stunning GV2 Ancona Watch Collection

  by John Sealander The gentle curves of Ancona’s harbor basin provide the inspiration for this delightful new design from GV2. Only recently discovered by

Gevril Washington Watch Collection

by John Sealander This new design from Gevril was inspired by one of the oldest streets in America. Manhattan’s historic Washington Street first appeared on

Timeless GV2 Sassari Watch Collection

by John Sealander The beautiful palazzi and elegant neoclassical architecture of Sardinia’s second largest city provide the inspiration for an elegant new GV2 timepiece. Sassari,

Fortis Terrestis Watch Collection

by John Sealander If you thought that Fortis only made tool watches, the new Terrestis Collection will remind you of a time when Fortis made

Fortis 19Fortis Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici New Territory, Same Fortis Expertise After more than a century of watchmaking, Fortis can cite several years in its history that are

Fortis Hedonist Watch Collection

by John Sealander Both classically inspired Fortis timepieces have their roots in the elegance of the 1930’s but are as different as night and day.

Fortis Orchestra Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici A Fine Ensemble from Fortis Watches in the Fortis Terrestis collection are inspired by designs of the 1930s and ’40s. They are

Fortis 2π Watch by Rolf Sachs

by John Sealander Rolf Sachs and Fortis Celebrate the Mathematics of Time with a Sensational New TimepieceInternationally renowned artist and designer Rolf Sachs is well

GV2 Montreux Chronograph Collection

GV2 Montreux Manual  •  Video: Setting & Operating Your Montreux Chronograph by John Sealander Inspired by a city known for music, this innovative, classically styled

GV2 Termoclino Diver Watch Collection

by John Sealander The Ultimate Professional Diver’s Timepiece The Thermocline layer, or Termoclino in Italian, is an invisible blanket of water that separates the turbulent

Fortis Monolith Watch Collection

by John Sealander Over 20 years of space proven experience went into creating this new timepiece for the next generation of space travelers. The new

Fortis PC-7 Team Watch Collection

by John Sealander For over 25 years, the famous Swiss Airforce PC-7 Aerobatics Team has been demonstrating the elegance and beauty of precise formation flying.

Fortis Daybreaker Watch Collection

by John Sealander With more than 500 micro-mechanical parts, this extraordinary GMT, alarm, chronometer is one of the most complex timepieces ever made. The astonishing

Fortis Tycoon Watch Collection

by John Sealander After 100 years of watchmaking history, Fortis understands that planning for the future always begins with a respect for the past.Fortis is

Fortis Aviatis Watch Collection

by John Sealander If you’re looking for a great pilot’s watch, then look at what real pilots are wearing.Many people make aviation inspired timepieces, but

Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection

by John Sealander After 20 years in space and over 100,000 orbits around the earth, Fortis continues to set the standard for astronauts and cosmonauts.The

GV2 Tavolato Watch Collection

  by Adrian Herscovici Chess is an ancient board game of strategy and tactics played by millions of people around the world. The game’s ongoing

GV2 Scuderia Watch Collection

  by John Sealander Read GV2 Scuderia Instructions •  Download GV2 Scuderia Instructions Italians know that a Scuderia is not an ordinary stable. Watch aficionados know

Fortis F-43 Recon Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici Prepared for Takeoff Fortis is known for its progressive approach to watchmaking, for its technical achievements and for its host of mission-oriented

Fortis Marinemaster Watch Collection

by John Sealander Any serious sailor, diver, or adventurer wouldn’t go near water without one of these. Fortis Marinemaster timepieces have been a favorite of

Fortis Flieger Cockpit Watch Collection

by John Sealander A Vintage Aviator Style Timepiece with a Trouble-Free Modern Mechanical MovementVintage watches are in. And nobody does vintage better than Fortis. Fortis

Historic Gevril Chelsea Collection

by Adrian Herscovici Chelsea is a cosmopolitan neighborhood in mid-Manhattan and one of the best central locations in which to live in, or visit New

New GV2 Aurora Watch Collection

  by Adrian Herscovici GV2’s Latest – A Covert Operator Clandestine military projects are not unusual, especially when they concern technological advancements in weaponry and

GV2 Fiamme Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici Introducing Another Side of GV2 GV2 is well known for its large and sturdy Swiss made sport watches that come in a

Glam Rock Miami Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith What do you get when you take the vivacious and charismatic lifestyle of Miami and marry it to the dashing chicness and

Swiss Watches and Space Technology

by Adrian Herscovici Swiss Contribution to Space Travel and the Watches that Made the JourneyThe 1961 space voyage of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard the

GV2 Corsaro Men’s Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici Confident, Conspicuous, Corsaro Any survey of sport watches on the market today reveals a vast selection of big watches, and for good

GV2 Powerball Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici An Original Racer that is Out of This World The Powerball by GV2 is among the most distinctive watches on the market

GV2 Parachute Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici For Adventure Seekers and Free Fallers The Parachute collection by GV2 is one of the most audacious in the brand’s lineup of

JOWISSA Safira 99 Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith Watches have always been fashion accessories. People expressed their perspective and style by what they put on their wrist. But particularly in

GV2 Fortunato Watch Collection

by John Sealander If you thought it was impossible to find a truly unique wristwatch, your luck is about to change. Designed to bring the

JOWISSA Roma Watch Collection

by John Sealander A great artist will often provide many variations on a theme. So will a great watchmaker. It is not uncommon for an

JOWISSA Facet Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith If anybody knows women’s watches, especially women’s jewelry watches, it’s JOWISSA. Founded in 1951 by certified watchmaker and entrepreneur Josef Wyss out

JOWISSA Elegance Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith Perhaps even more than clothing, women appreciate a nice piece of jewelry. If chosen well, not only doesn’t jewelry go out of

JOWISSA Roma Pastell Watch Collection

by John Sealander Like every great artist, JOWISSA understands the importance of having pastels in your palette. Accomplished artists understand that there is much more

JOWISSA Roma MoL Watch Collection

by John Sealander The JOWISSA Roma MoL: Adding luster to a luxurious classic. The classically beautiful Roma is one of JOWISSA’s most recognizable designs. The

Louis Erard Romance Collection

by Adrian Herscovici A Fine Romance Women’s watches are emerging rapidly. More companies are producing models specifically for women, and, the popularity of larger watches

Jowissa Pyramid Collection

by Adrian Herscovici An overview of the watches produced by Jowissa reveals a common thread: a Swiss watchmaker that dares to combine different materials and

Edox Goes To Hollywood

by John Sealander   Is it any surprise that the best time travel movie of 2012turned to Edox for the film’s signature timepieces? Looper, a

Free Fortis 100 Years Book

by John Sealander   Fortis Wrote the Book on Fine Timepieces, Now You Can Read It In many ways, the history of Fortis is the

Fortis Zero-G Space Art Contest

by John Sealander   After 100 Years of Going Where No Watch Has Gone Before,Fortis Wanted to Give Their Fans the Same Opportunity Fortis has

Re-Introducing Eterna 1948

by John Sealander In 1948, Eterna revolutionized the automatic watch with five ball bearings. In 2012, Eterna reminded the world that some things are eternal.

Gusttavo Lima Wears Jowissa Pallaton

by John Sealander When Brazilian pop star Gusttavo Lima embarked on his first international tour, he wore an international favorite on his wrist: The Jowissa

The New RSW Windflower

by John Sealander This Spring, Today’s Fashionable Women Will Be Wearing a Lovely New Flower on Their Wrist.Taking its inspiration from one of the loveliest

Joan Rivers Taking Gevril Seriously

by Steven Jay   She’s funny, brash, outlandish, scandalous, “plastic” and downright rude! Call her what you want but Joan Rivers is at 79, still

Eva Mendes Girl in Progress

  Eva Mendes is a highly sought after actress, singer and model. She’s also a successful home ware designer. Eva studied acting at California State

Introducing The Eterna Tangaroa

by John Sealander An Adventure In Design and Worthy Successor to the Fabled Kon-Tiki Ever since Thor Heyerdahl’s epic 1947 adventure across the Pacific in

Catorex C’Pure Mothers Day

by John Sealander Give Your Mom a Little Bit of Pure Pleasure on Her Special DayMother’s Day is almost here, but there’s still time to

Geneva Time Exhibition 2012

Article and Photography by Boris Pjanic Every year in January, Geneva, Switzerland becomes the hub for watch dealers, jewelers, enthusiasts and collectors from around the

Orange is the New Black

by John Sealander Now that everyone from Michael Kors to Donna Karan has declared opulent orange to be the hot new fashion color for 2012,

Nicollette Sheridan and Gevril Watches

by Jack Goldenberg Two Stylish Performers Nicollette Sheridan is an English-American film and television actress best known for roles as the conniving vixen Paige Matheson

Brad Garrett and Gevril Watches

by Jack Goldenberg   Two Outstanding Performers Brad Garrett, an American actor best known for his portrayal as Ray Romano’s big brother on the critically

Fortis Watches Go into Space

by John Sealander The Last Frontier is Series of Firsts for FortisAs the last Space Shuttle completes its final mission, Fortis continues to focus on

Louis Erard Excellence Line

by Meehna Goldsmith I admit I wasn’t all that familiar with the brand Louis Erard, but it isn’t a new kid on the block by

Fortis Watches in Space Since 1994

Space Shuttle Endeavour Fortis Watches has long been a top leader in creating space, pilot and squadron watches. The video clip shows an early flight

Fortis Watches 2011 Basel Collage

The remarkable and endearing Mr. and Mrs. Peter led the Fortis marketing team to Basel, Switzerland to meet distributors and retailers from all over the

Gevril Watches at Baselworld 2011

Continuing in its tradition of designing timepieces which exude the personality, essence and namesakes of New York City landmark locations, Gevril aptly named its new

Eterna Watches at Baselworld 2011

Gevril Group is the US agent for Eterna Watches. Contact Michela by email or at 845-425-9882. Set an appointment with us at Baselworld 2011. Eterna

Fortis Watches in Basel

Gevril Group US, Canada and Caribbean Fortis Watches Agent Gevril Group is the sole US, Canada and Caribbean agent for Fortis Watches and the official

The Iceman Cometh

Christian Redl Will Attempt to Beat World Free-Diving Record A little mountain lake called Weissensee, situated in Carinthia, Austria, has the largest surface of ice

Edox Goes to Hollywood

Dreaming of Hanging on a Cobweb? The new adventures of Spiderman will be released next year, starring celebrities Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans and lovely Emma