JOWISSA Safira 99 Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Watches have always been fashion accessories. People expressed their perspective and style by what they put on their wrist. But particularly in today’s fashion obsessed world, a watch has become even more of a calling card into taste and style.

Buy JOWISSA Safira 99 Watch CollectionJOWISSA is a company that is adept at constructing watches that not only are solidly built but are right on trend and look great. The Safira 99 collection exemplifies JOWISSA’s ability to capture what’s in the air. This collection is even more interesting because it manages to capture two different looks with just a simple switch of a band.

Men have always been into cars and automotive watches, but women in the past 10 years have been attracted to men’s watches, and they have become at home and in style on a woman’s wrist. From one angle the Safira 99 could look like it’s automotive inspired from the angular cut 29 mm stainless steel case that looks like a tire, and a triangular ceramic band that resembles a tire tread. It has a sporty feel that’s tempered by a Mother-of-Pearl dial in a choice of red, black, blue, yellow and white decorated with rhinestones that keeps it definitively feminine.

With the “tire tread” band, the Safira 99, which operates off a high quality Swiss quartz movement, possesses a more adventurous look. But, this model also has the options of a satin strap or a leather strap with alligator embossing. The leather and satin band tone the watch down to a more elegant yet striking presence on the wrist.

Buy JOWISSA Safira 99 Watch CollectionAs follows JOWISSA philosophy when they were established in 1951, JOWISSA wanted to make watches that use top-notch materials and stellar design at an affordable price. The Safira 99 shows just how imaginative JOWISSA is with this original piece, which will match an assured woman who follows her own style, whether it’s more energetic or elegant.

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