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3H Italia: The Curious Journey From
High-End Housewares to Haute Horology

3H Italia WatchesHow could a company that began by publishing books about ancient ceramics manage to transform itself first into a manufacturer of high-end housewares and home furnishings, and then into one of the worlds most popular new watch brands? It all begins to make sense when you realize that 3H Italia has always been about the applied use of materials.

3H ItaliaThe company’s home in Viterbo Italy was historically a major center for ceramic production. When the company learned it could use modern ceramic techniques to reproduce ancient and Renaissance ceramic art, it began an ongoing fascination with the use of new and different materials in a wide variety of products, including ties, scarves, ceramic household objects, and of course…watches.

In 2004, 3H Italia began to utilize polycarbonate and steel, two materials renowned for their remarkable strength, to make a totally new type of wristwatch case. This was something completely new to the watchmaking industry. A precision mechanical movement was added to this remarkable case and the trend setting 3H Italia Oceandiver was born.

Buy 3H Italia Watches3H Italia’s pioneering wristwatch collections featured bold new uses for polycarbonate, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium. These innovative, exclusively Italian designs, attracted worldwide attention when the company began to display them at the prestigious international Baselworld fair in 2007. Within just a few years, the company was distributing its popular, Italian designed timepieces in the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Hong Kong, and Portugal.

Many 3H Italia designs have achieved celebrity status due to their popularity with professional athletes and musicians. Popular musicians like Boy George, Shaggy and Renato Zero wear their 3H Italia watches with pride. So do world famous soccer stars like Rino Gattuso, Guti and Leonardo Bonucci. Championship racing driver Niki Lanik wears 3H Italia. Even supermodels like Monika Erb have been seen sporting a 3H Italia timepiece on their wrist.

Shaggy Boy George Renato Zero Monika Erb
Shaggy Boy George Renato Zero Monika Erb

Even though celebrities have flocked to 3H Italia in recent years, there’s a lot more to this brand than celebrity bling. Popular models like the Black Hole and Oceandiver feature premium automatic movements and are water resistant to 500 feet. Fashion-forward Cube models feature an impressive 52mm square dial in a variety of colors, and the amazing T8B model is hard to ignore with its unidirectional blue bezel.

Buy 3H Italia Watches3H Italia timepieces are dramatically oversized and full of color and drama. Most 3H watches come with interchangeable leather and silicon straps and are equipped with brightly luminous tritium hands and numbers. In fact, the company took its name from the hydrogen isotope tritium, which is represented by the chemical symbol 3H.

If you’d like to join the growing list of people who have already discovered the almost irresistible attraction of wearing a 3H Italia timepiece, talk to an authorized 3H Italia dealer today.

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