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Category: Space Watches

Fortis Monolith Watch Collection

by John Sealander Over 20 years of space proven experience went into creating this new timepiece for the next generation of space travelers. The new

Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection

by John Sealander After 20 years in space and over 100,000 orbits around the earth, Fortis continues to set the standard for astronauts and cosmonauts.The

Swiss Watches and Space Technology

by Adrian Herscovici Swiss Contribution to Space Travel and the Watches that Made the JourneyThe 1961 space voyage of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard the

Free Fortis 100 Years Book

by John Sealander   Fortis Wrote the Book on Fine Timepieces, Now You Can Read It In many ways, the history of Fortis is the

Fortis Zero-G Space Art Contest

by John Sealander   After 100 Years of Going Where No Watch Has Gone Before,Fortis Wanted to Give Their Fans the Same Opportunity Fortis has

Fortis Watches Go into Space

by John Sealander The Last Frontier is Series of Firsts for FortisAs the last Space Shuttle completes its final mission, Fortis continues to focus on

Fortis Watches in Space Since 1994

Space Shuttle Endeavour Fortis Watches has long been a top leader in creating space, pilot and squadron watches. The video clip shows an early flight