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Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection

by John Sealander

After 20 years in space and over 100,000 orbits around the earth, Fortis continues to set the standard for astronauts and cosmonauts.
Fortis WatchesThe timepieces in the Fortis Cosmonautis Collection share an impressive history. No other brand has spent as much time on the wrists of working astronauts and cosmonauts. These space proven timepieces have been standard equipment on space missions as far back as 1994 when a Fortis Stratoliner was worn aboard the Russian MIR space station. This initial venture into space was so successful that Fortis created the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph expressly to meet the needs of future space explorers. This iconic watch is still being worn today.

Fortis space watches were never intended as commemorative editions. They are real space rated tools for working astronauts. To this day, every timepiece that displays the “Yuri Gagarin Space Academy” logo on the back has been tested and cleared by Fortis for actual use in space.
Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection - 638.28.13

Fortis Official Cosmonauts

Astronauts and cosmonauts depend on these extremely accurate and dependable tools to complete their missions, and their long-term success under severe weightless conditions is a big reason why the Russian Space Agency continues to equip all cosmonauts and astronauts attending the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center with a space rated Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph. This iconic timepiece has made its way to the International Space Station many times and is still standard equipment for many space station crew members.

One of the best things about Fortis space rated timepieces is that you don’t have to be an astronaut to own one. Fortis has always offered a limited number of these exclusive timing tools to the general public. Today, the exciting Fortis Cosmonautis Collection represents the most comprehensive selection of genuine space watches on the planet.

Fortis Spacematic

You can chose from iconic masterpieces like the famous Official Cosmonauts Chronograph or Spacematic, or select new space rated timepieces like the impressive Monolith. Most models in the Fortis Cosmonautis Collection are available in both three-hand and chronograph configurations to meet your personal needs. Depending on the model you select, your Cosmonautis timepiece can be equipped with a solid Fortis stainless steel bracelet, a luxurious leather band, or a comfortable silicon rubber strap.

Many Cosmonautis watches are based on the popular and time-tested Fortis B-42 and all feature superb Swiss made automatic mechanical movements that carry a two-year manufacturers warranty. While these fine timepieces have been designed and tested to operate flawlessly in the airless environment of space, they are also water resistant up to 660 feet.

Choose from any available Monolith, Official Cosmonaut, Spacematic, Mars 500, or Pitch Black model with confidence. These are timepieces that working astronauts and cosmonauts wear proudly and all share a heritage that includes over fourteen space missions and 100,000 orbits around the earth.

If you are an astronaut, you probably already have a Fortis Cosmonautis watch. If you’d like to look like an astronaut or wear one of their working tools, just contact an authorized Fortis dealer and ask to see the real thing: a genuine space-rated Fortis Cosmonautis timepiece.

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