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Category: Fashion

GV2 Lucky 7 Roulette Wheel Watch

by John Sealander If you thought it was impossible to find a truly unique wristwatch, your luck is about to change. Designed to bring the

Festive GV2 Asti Watch Collection

  by John Sealander The home of some of Italy’s most glamorous wines and spirits is the inspiration for one of GV2’s most desirable timepieces.

Heidi Klum Mom and Mogul

by Erica Love   A Mom and A Mogul Heidi Klum is currently host and executive producer of the six-time Emmy-nominated series, Project Runway. Heidi

Oprah Loves Hush Puppies

by John Sealander With Her Favorite Hush Puppies Ceil Loafers on Her Feet All Oprah Needs Now is a Hush Puppies Watch on Her Wrist“I

Orange is the New Black

by John Sealander Now that everyone from Michael Kors to Donna Karan has declared opulent orange to be the hot new fashion color for 2012,