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Laurens Watches

Above All, An Expression of Your Own Personal Style

Laurens WatchesLaurens has a pedigree that goes all the way back to 1934, when master watchmaker Tullio Bolletta combined his love of Italian design and Swiss watchmaking precision to create something new in the watch world, the Lorenz brand, which quickly developed a reputation for innovation and technical excellence. By 1952, the company was ready to bring their vision to a wider audience, and Laurens was born.

Laurens used everything its parent company had learned to begin manufacturing an original line of sophisticated, contemporary watches that brought together elegance, style and Swiss precision at an accessible price. Using the best Italian designers, carefully selected materials, and the manufacturing techniques perfected by their parent company, Laurens began to measure time with their own unique style.

The entire development of new Laurens collections takes place at the company’s LorenzLab research laboratory near Milan. New collections are conceived each year and introduced to the market throughout the year. These product introductions culminate each year at Baselworld, where a special limited edition representing each new collection is debuted.

This concept has been very successful for the company and Laurens now offers a variety of distinctly different lines that distinguish themselves from anything else on the market. Each collection is an expression of the Laurens philosophy that a watch is not just an instrument for measuring time, or even a fashion accessory. It is a direct expression of the personality and style of the person who wears it.

Laurens Mens 026411AA Prestige Skeleton Watch The Laurens Prestige Collection will appeal to those who are looking for sophisticated, formal elegance. The look is pure Italian neoclassic, with formal Roman numerals and exquisite fine detailing.

Laurens Mens 026349DD Today Multifunction Watch The casual looking Laurens Today Collection is a totally different look that will appeal to the free spirits among us. The look is contemporary with a retro inspired case and bold asymmetrical dial.

Laurens Mens 026390AA Authentic Rose Gold Tone Watch The Laurens Authentic Collection is all about function. The simple, easy-to-read dial is deliberately understated, for those who try to avoid the ostentatious and gaudy.

Laurens Mens 025909BB Instinct Chronograph Watch Few watches anywhere are more beautiful than the Laurens Instinct Collection. These fashion forward designs are distinctly feminine, providing the perfect accent to the latest styles and trends.

Laurens Mens 025393BB Impulse Chronograph Watch There is nothing feminine at all about the Laurens men’s Impulse Collection. The aggressive, sporty styling of this line tells the world that you not only love the active life, you participate in it as well.

Laurens Mens 026278AA Tasca Pocket Watch Laurens has even brought back the traditional pocket watch with its strikingly original Laurens Tasca Collection shown to the left, as well as the Savonette and Lapine Collections shown below. Classic pocket watch styles have been revisited and updated to create strikingly original timepieces. These beautiful pocket watches will bring back memories of your grandfather’s watch, while looking forward as well and providing pocket watch fans with plenty of reasons to put a new watch in their pocket.

Laurens Mens 026489AA Savonette Alarm Pocket Watch  
The Laurens Savonette Collection reintroduces the classic hunter case with its spring-hinged metal cover protecting the dial.

Laurens Mens 025959AA Lepine B Mechanical Moon Phase Pocket Watch  
The elegant Laurens Lapine Collection revisits and updates the traditional pocket watch with a variety of innovative complications, including moon phase, chronograph and skeletonized models.

Each of these distinctive collections is both an expression of Tullio Bolletta’s original vision as well as your own. As new Laurens collections are introduced in the years to come, they will continue to combine the brand’s unique style, craftsmanship and value in a totally original way.

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