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Category: Baselworld 2011

Valentino Timeless at Baselworld 2011

In The Beauty and Glamor of Baselworld, we provided you with an exterior view of this year’s exquisite Valentino Timeless booth in Baselworld’s Hall of

The Lights and Colors of Baselworld

The lights and colors of Baselworld are complexly arranged and interlaced on a grand scale. The Baselworld lights and colors penetrate deep within our psyches

Paris Hilton at Baselworld 2011

The opulence of the Paris Hilton Watches booth at Baselworld 2011 transcended us beyond the scope of femininity and luxury. Young women across the country

The Beauty and Glamor of Baselworld

The Luxury and Grandeur of Baselworld — with its more than 1,000 watch and jewelry brands elegantly arrayed in six magnificent halls — is fully

The Luxury and Grandeur of Baselworld

Baselworld 2011 More than 100,000 manufacturers, enthusiasts and vendors of watches, jewelry and precious stones flocked to Baselworld 2011, which from March 24-31 occupied six