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Category: Men's Watches

Calibre Akron Watch Collection

by John Sealander One of the World’s Largest Helium Filled Airships Provides the Inspiration for these Oversize Military Style TimepiecesThe USS Akron, which joined the

Calibre Lancer Watch Collection

by John Sealander One of the Most Versatile Long-Range Bombers Ever Conceived Serves as the Inspiration for this Equally Versatile TimepieceThe legendary Rockwell B-1B Lancer

Calibre Trooper Watch Collection

by John Sealander Introducing the Calibre Trooper: Classic Military Styling that You Can Wear AnywhereMilitary watches have always played an important role in the history

The Fortis Squadron Watch Program

by John Sealander Fortis Limited Edition Squadron Watches: They aren’t something you buy, but something you earn. Fortis means “strong” in Latin and the name