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Louis Erard Watches

Louis Erard Watches

Exciting New Designs Built with Old World Mechanical Quality

Louis Erard WatchesWhen Louis Erard and André Perret founded Louis Erard Watches in 1931, they wanted to show the world that watchmaking expertise, flawless quality, and interesting complications can go hand-in-hand with affordable prices. A dream was born and two years later, the first watches manufactured using the Louis Erard name were produced.

Louis Erard never wavered from their initial concept of Haute Horlogerie. Even when the company was forced to survive by providing casing services for other watch companies in the 1940’s, it was still determined to create high quality and very original mechanical watches at affordable prices.

Louis Erard timepieces became prized by watch aficionados and other watchmakers, but the brand never became popular with the general public.

Louis Erard CEO Alain SpinediFollowing serious financial problems in 1992, the Louis Erard brand changed hands. Then, after ten years of silence, it was purchased in 2003 by a group of private investors headed by Alain Spinedi.

Alain knew what he was getting when he bought the Louis Erard. He knew there was a real demand in the marketplace for a quality Swiss Made mechanical watch that would retail from $700 to $900. The skilled watchmakers at Louis Erard could make such a watch. According to Spinedi, this segment of the watch market represents about 600,000 watches a year for the Swiss watch industry.

By carefully introducing technically innovative new collections and sticking with the original Louis Erard policy of manufacturing 100 percent mechanical, classically styled timepieces, Alain Spinedi was able to turn the company around and get it operating “in the black” again. The brand recently celebrated its 80th anniversary by surpassing their ambitious production goal of 100,000 watches sold.

Louis Erard is not a large company. It employs 26 people including 9 master watchmakers. Quality has always been much more important than quantity to Alain Spinedi. With strict cost and quality controls in place, he has been very successful in doing more with less.

The company currently offers five collections, including the new Emotion Collection for women and the Excellence Collection for men and women. In keeping with the brand’s heritage, many Louis Erard models are available with special mechanical complications including regulator, moonphase and power reserve models. The company recently introduced several editions in solid rose gold and gold/diamond combinations.

With headquarters in Le Noirmont, Switzerland, Louis Erard distributes watches in over 40 countries around the world.

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Louis Erard 20700SE04.BAV10 Women’s Emotion Square MOP Diamond Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 30208AA02.BDE10 Men’s 1931 Exhibition Watch
Louis Erard 31218 AA 21 – 1931 Moon Phase Watch and Matching Cufflinks
Louis Erard 44204SE10.BDC02 Women’s 1931 Perpetual Date Diamond Watch
Louis Erard 44211AA01.BDC52 Men’s 1931 Moonphase Silver Dial Watch
Louis Erard 47207AA21.BDCL21 Men’s 1931 Silver Dial Manual Watch
Louis Erard 47207OR31.BAC02 Men’s 1931 Mechanical Hand-Wind Rose Gold Watch
Louis Erard 53230AA11 Men’s Excellence Small Seconds Power Reserve
Louis Erard 54209AS11.BDC25 Men’s 1931 Silver Dial Power Reserve Regulator Watch
Louis Erard 62 233 AA10 Men’s Excellence Open Balance Watch
Louis Erard 66 226 AA 01 Limited Edition 1931 Vintage Small Seconds Watch
Louis Erard 67258AA01.BDC21 Men’s Héritage Silver Dial Large Day Watch
Louis Erard 69101AA05.BMA19 Men’s Heritage Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 78 104 AA 11 Men’s Héritage Automatic Chronograph
Louis Erard 78 225 AA 01 – 1931 Vintage Chronograph
Louis Erard 78 225 AA 06 – 1931 Chronograph
Louis Erard 78420AN50.BMC Men’s Limited Edition Sports Chronograph
Louis Erard 78269AA03.BDC36 Men’s Héritage Orange Accents Gray Dial Chronograph Watch
Louis Erard 80 231 OR01 Excellence Moon Phase Chronograph 24-Hour 18k Rose Gold Watch
Louis Erard 82210AA01.BDC51 Men’s 1931 Automatic GMT Silver Dial Black Leather Watch
Louis Erard 87221AA01.BDCL52 Men’s 1931 Automatic Retrograde Power Reserve Date Watch
Louis Erard 92310SE02.BAV04 Women’s Emotion MOP Black Dial Diamond Automatic Watch
Louis Erard 92600OS11.BACS5 Women’s Emotion Automatic Rose Gold Diamond Watch
Louis Erard 94210AA23.BDC54 Men’s Tonneau GMT Watch

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