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Viceroy Watches

Viceroy WatchesViceroy is not a newcomer to the watch scene. Since its establishment in the heart of watchmaking in Switzerland in 1951, the brand has made quality watches that are not only fashionable but also on the forefront of trend. In 1982, the Spanish company Grupo Munreco purchased Viceroy with the intention of bringing the brand to the attention of a worldwide audience. As a result, many of the brand ambassadors have been Spanish, including Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso and Julio Iglesias.

Buy Viceroy  WatchesViceroy watches cater to both men and women with a variety of models to suit different tastes. There is even a line of timepieces specifically for children. From bold and dramatic to more subdued and elegant, Viceroy runs the gamut of style choices and incorporates complications such as chronographs into their lineup. In addition they use combinations of materials that include ceramic and sapphire.

Viceroy plays with shapes and colors to bring a creative twist to usual watch compositions. For example, they have a striking square shape that is sure to bring attention to any wrist and use vivid colors such as electric blue and fiery red on the dials, cases and bands. For the woman who likes her watch to reflect more of a jewelry feel, Viceroy introduced a line called Bijoux. Coated in 18-carat gold or rhodium, the watches have personalities ranging from risqué to romantic, yet blend seamlessly with any outfit.


Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas and Shakira are among several famous ambassadors to represent Viceroy. The company made headlines in Spain in 1996 with the release of its Viceroy Gold line of watches, and its first brand ambassador, actor Carlos Larrañaga. In 1997, the face of the campaign turned to singer Julio Iglesias and represented a significant step in the rise of the brand’s popularity.

Carlos Larrañaga Julio Iglesias
Carlos Larrañaga Julio Iglesias

To coincide with Viceroy’s 50th anniversary in 2001, Viceroy enlisted actress Melanie Griffith to star in the company’s most sophisticated and glamorous campaign to date, attracting a whole new audience to its list of adoring customers. Enrique Iglesias joined the Viceroy campaign in 2003 with a sassy watch ad that had people talking about more than just his watch.

Melanie Griffith Enrique Iglesias
Melanie Griffith Enrique Iglesias

Modern Trends

Viceroy’s current models include the F1-inspired Fernando Alfonso Racing Collection: the two-time F1 World Champion is the face of Viceroy today with a personalized unisex collection that is slick and functional, reflecting precision and distinctiveness.

Elsewhere in the Viceroy spectrum is the Flash Collection, represented by TV personality Pilar Rubio. The collection features vibrant modern colors and a youthful spirit, available in either a chronograph or a three-handed version.

Models from the Viceroy Watch Collections

Fernando Alonso

Viceroy Watches introduced a number of exciting new additions to the Fernando Alonso collection at Baselworld 2014. These sensational new watches are designed to appeal to a younger market and have a raw and edgy feel. Viceroy Fernando Alonso watches use modern materials like aluminium, steel and acetate to express Viceroy’s unique sporty appeal. Featuring an array of colors, materials and both three-handed and chronograph models, you are bound to find a perfect fit.

Viceroy Accessories

While famous faces helped put Viceroy on the map, a strong, innovative product line keeps the brand fresh. Viceroy launched a line of steel watches in 2001 and Viceroy Fashion in 2002. The latter represented a milestone in Viceroy’s history as it ventured into accessories other than watches for the first time.

Other lines followed. Viceroy Jewels, a line of 925 silver jewelry for women in 2007; Viceroy Vision, a stylish line of eyewear in 2008; and in 2009, Viceroy Plaisir, a collection of customizable bracelets, necklaces and earrings for women.

Committed to Service and Growth

Buy Viceroy  WatchesWatches are the heart of the Viceroy brand. Owner Grupo Munreco is a leader in Spain’s watch industry with three international brands in its fold: Maurice Lacroix, Sandoz and Viceroy. The company’s commitment to its watch brands is underscored by a keen devotion to building its sales and service arms internationally, and to remaining a cutting-edge designer of trend-setting timepieces.

Viceroy offers a creative blend of design options with their models. Yet, despite the various verticals, they are still able to maintain the delightful style that defines their DNA. Arresting, subdued, delicate, adventurous, romantic—Viceroy captures whatever your mood with flair.

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