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Rüdiger Watches

Rüdiger Watches

Rüdiger Watches – German Tradition, New Direction

Rüdiger WatchesThe virtues of German design and engineering are no less apparent in watchmaking than they are in automobile manufacturing – the very best derives its superlative cool factor from a combination of exceptional quality and unencumbered functionality. Many of the watches in the German watch universe are veritable works of art – created for the über wealthy – yet, one need not spend outrageous sums to own a piece of the tradition.

Buy Rüdiger Watch CollectionRüdiger watches hold German design principles and traditions in high esteem, but offer consumers a counterpoint. They utilize precision quartz movements and integrate contemporary styles from effortless two-handers to more complicated chronographs; they feature quality stainless steel cases, gold IP finishes and diamonds. Rüdiger watches combine the holistic aspect of the Bauhaus aesthetic with contemporary finesse – they are watches designed to look good, and to wear every day.

German towns like Pforzheim and Glashütte are famous for the watches they produce. The Rüdiger brand of fine wristwatches expands the geographical reach of German watchmaking with collections named after cities in regions from Saxony to the North Rhine-Westphalia, among them: Aachen, Essen, Kassel and Leipzig.

Rüdiger Aachen

Aachen is Germany’s westernmost city located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. The emperor Charlemagne was once a resident, perhaps because Aachen is a “spa town,” known for its mineral springs. Aachen’s economic focus today is on science and engineering, and Rüdiger Aachen dress watches, sized at 42 mm, provide locals with a contemporary fashion alternative. The dials are the real highlight – scallop-shell engraved patterns matched with sophisticated thin hands. Aachen watches are paired exclusively with leather straps.

Rüdiger Leipzig

Leipzig, in Saxony, is a city situated at the intersection of two ancient roads, the Via Regia and the Via Imperii. As a cultural center, the city was home to great composers such as Bach, Wagner and Mendelssohn. In keeping with this lengthy history, Rüdiger Leipzig watches utilize timeless elements such as Breguet hands, Roman numerals and small-seconds dials, all within balanced, uncluttered dial panes. Leipzig watches are an even 40 mm in diameter, available on leather straps or bracelets.

Rüdiger Essen

Germany’s ninth largest city, Essen, was an important coal and steel center until the 1970s. Many of its most well-known industrial landmarks are enduring industrial masterpieces including a former mine, the Shaft XII, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Watches in the Rüdiger Essen collection for women feature rocks of their own: the white dials are punctuated by single diamonds located at 12 o’clock while the bezels contain an additional 36 brilliant-cut CZ stones.

Rüdiger Kassel

Kassel is a town located on the Fulda River in the state of Hesse. Allied bombing raids in 1943 destroyed 90 percent of the city center. The city was rebuilt in the 1950s and now consists of an interesting juxtaposition of architectural styles. Rüdiger Kassel watches, on the other hand, hone in on a single, cohesive look that characterizes the city’s rise from ruin: the pivotal visual elements are sunburst patterns that emanate from the center of the dials, which are coupled with minimalist hour markers, two hands and little else – a true dress watch. Kassel watches are sized classically at 38 mm in diameter.

Buy Rüdiger Watch CollectionGerman watchmaking is steeped in tradition with origins dating back to the 16th century. These well-established traditions endure, and brands like Rüdiger are steering the legacy in new directions. If you appreciate German design and want to look outside the Swiss realm of possibilities, look north to Germany, and to Rüdiger.

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