The Rüdiger Kassel Watch Collection

Rüdiger Kassel Watch Collection

by John Sealander  

The Rüdiger Kassel: The city of Kassel inspired the Brothers Grimm
to write their classic fairy tales and inspired Rüdiger to create an equally classic watch.

Rüdiger WatchesIn the early 19th century, the Brothers Grimm made Kassel, Germany their home. This was where they collected and wrote most of their famous fairy tales. Although this historic city, which was once the capital of Napoleon’s short-lived Kingdom of Westphalia, was largely destroyed during World War II, it was completely rebuilt during the 1950’s.

Now, the legacy of Kassel lives again in a spectacular new timepiece design from Rüdiger. The new Rüdiger Kassel Watch Collection exemplifies the precise craftsmanship and engineering skills German watchmakers are famous for. With its classic two-hand configuration, the Kassel shows its German roots in a clean, minimal design that reduces time to its pure essentials.

These handsome 38 mm watches feature a beautiful patterned sunray dial with applied raised metal indices. A beveled chapter ring inscribed with fine parallel lines adds an extra touch of elegance. The slim, minimal dial is both elegant and easy-to-read. These handsome timepieces are available in 316L stainless steel, IP rose gold, and IP yellow gold versions. To complete the look, Kassel Collection watches have been equipped with an elegant genuine leather strap that has been embossed with a distinctive croco pattern or an attractive integrated stainless steel bracelet.

Rudiger Kassel R2400-02-001B Rudiger Kassel R2400-02-002B
Rudiger Kassel R2400-02-001B Rudiger Kassel R2400-02-002B
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Rudiger Kassel R2400-04-001B Rudiger Kassel R2400-04-007B
Rudiger Kassel R2400-04-001B Rudiger Kassel R2400-04-007B
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The Rüdiger Kassel is powered by a precision Ronda 762 quartz movement and is water resistant to 100 feet. If you like the clean lines and precise construction that characterize Germany’s best designs, you’re going to love the Rüdiger Kassel Watch Collection. This is an essential dress watch for today’s modern man and is much more affordable than it looks.

Unlike the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tales, the Rüdiger Kassel is no fantasy. All it takes to put one of these beauties on your own wrist is a visit to your nearest authorized Rüdiger dealer.

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