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Rüdiger Bavaria Men’s Chronograph Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici

Bavaria the Proud

Rüdiger WatchesLocated in the German southeast, Bavaria is the largest German state by area and home to 12.5 million people. Many Bavarians consider themselves Bavarian first and German second, a sovereign mindset that dates back to 1806 when Napoleon rule abolished the Holy Roman Empire and established the Kingdom of Bavaria. Pride in identity is still a Bavarian trait that runs deep among its inhabitants.

Most people have heard about the Bavarian appetite for beer and sausage, but Bavaria is so much more than Oktoberfest and men in lederhosen. The Free State of Bavaria, as it is known today, is a vast land of deep forests, picturesque mountains and modern cities, with Munich as its capital – a cultural and economic center with a reputation for being a social and economic innovator.

The Bavaria watch collection by Rüdiger captures the independent spirit of the modern state of Bavaria with its contemporary styling and quality. The watch’s focal point is the figure eight shape through the center of the dial, which is comprised of two recessed, unified sub-dials. The configuration is balanced and discreet, but refreshes an otherwise straightforward dress-watch design with additional dimensionality.

Rüdiger R2300-04-001.09
Bavaria Chronograph
Rüdiger R2300-09-001
Bavaria Chronograph
Rüdiger R2300-04-001.09 Bavaria Rüdiger R2300-09-001 Bavaria
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Both sub-dials are associated with the chronograph function: the lower sub-dial tracks elapsed seconds when the start/stop pusher is engaged, while the upper sub-dial tracks elapsed hours. Piston-shape chronograph pushers flank a fluted crown. The watch’s luminous and shapely hour and minute hands are in the feuille (leaf) style, while the central seconds hand and chronograph hands are thin and straight. Arabic numbers are integrated into the sub-dials as a contrast to the large Roman numerals.

Bavaria watch cases are 42 mm and made from 316L stainless steel. One model in the collection is coated with IP rose gold and has matching rose-gold-color hands and Roman numerals. The stainless steel variations include one model with a black dial and silver numerals, another with a white dial and black numerals and a third with a white dial and gold-color numerals. Bavaria watches have solid casebacks and utilize mineral crystals. They are water resistant to 165 feet and contain quartz movements.

Rüdiger R2300-04-001
Bavaria Chronograph
Rüdiger R2300-04-007
Bavaria Chronograph
Rüdiger R2300-04-001 Bavaria Rüdiger R2300-04-007 Bavaria
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Watches in the Bavaria collection are dressy and integrate easily into a typical gentleman’s wardrobe, with a look that suits formal or smart-casual settings. The polished round cases and neutral color schemes are complemented by leather calfskin straps with prong buckles that complete the elegant look.

A trip through Bavaria uncovers sublime beauty at every turn, and proud people who relish in the colorful past of their dear land. Bavaria watches by Rüdiger are worthy of the Bavarian state of mind and its high quality of life. The watches are crafted with a combination of modern styling and classical simplicity; the result is a well-rounded dress watch for men with diverse tastes. Contact an authorized Rüdiger watch dealer for more information.
Neuschwanstien Royal Palace in Bavarian Alps

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