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SwitzerlandWhen you think of Switzerland, what do you think of first? For many people the answer is Swiss watches and clocks. Swiss watches have achieved worldwide renown for their top quality and craftsmanship. It’s no surprise that Switzerland has a reputation for producing fine timepieces; talented watchmakers have been making watches in Switzerland for over 470 years.

The self-winding watch, the chronograph watch, the perpetual calendar watch, the waterproof watch, and even the wrist watch itself were all invented in Switzerland. Ironically, even the quartz watch, which temporarily devastated Switzerland’s mechanical watch industry, was invented in Switzerland as well.

Today, the Swiss watch and clock industry is stronger than ever, and its reputation is secure. Swiss watches are the country’s third largest export. Switzerland produces more than 26 million finished watches every year. Interestingly, although this figure represents only 2% of total world watch production, it represents over 50% of the total watch production value. Clearly, genuine Swiss watches are held in high regard throughout the world and command a higher price than ordinary timepieces.

One of the reasons that Swiss watches are in such demand is that Switzerland’s watchmakers have something for everybody. If you want a watch made out of gold, stainless steel, high-tech ceramic materials, or even wood, you can find exactly what you need in Switzerland. Everything from modestly priced fashion watches to million dollar mechanical masterpieces is readily available from the workshops of Switzerland’s talented watchmakers.

Swiss watchmakers genuinely value the reputation that has taken them centuries to earn. That’s why in order to be designated Swiss or Swiss Made a watch has to meet very stringent standards. A genuine Swiss watch must meet industry standards for accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance, as well as aesthetic quality.

Switzerland also plays host to the largest and most exquisite trade show for watches and jewelry in the world. Baselworld, which takes place every March in Basel, Switzerland, is the premier annual event for watch vendors, watch industry insiders and the media.

As the demand for quality timepieces continues to grow worldwide, the future looks bright for the Swiss watch industry. As long as there is a desire to know the time, tiny Switzerland will continue to exert a huge influence on what the people of the world wear on their wrist.

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