Introducing the Gevril Five Points Skeleton. Classic, Modern, and Mechanical.

Inspired by the infamous and historic Five Points neighborhood in New York City, Gevril introduces two new must-have timepieces to the Five Points Collection. Seamlessly melding heritage and new, classic and modern, each watch is a mechanical, manual winding work of art.

The Five Point’s striking skeleton dial is outfitted with super LumiNova hands and a skeletal case-back that highlights Swiss FABIOR 98SQ movement. Swiss movement is protected by a sapphire domed, anti-glare crystal and held in place by a distinct handmade Italian leather strap. 

Gevril Five Points Mechanical Manual Winding - Brown - 46120 - Side View

Take a more classic approach with a bespoke, brown leather strap offset by cream hand-stitched accents and a rose gold case – classic with a twist. The refined, sophisticated appeal speaks to the renewal of the Five Points.



Gevril Five Points Mechanical Manual Winding - Brown - 43120

Gevril Five Points Mechanical Manual Winding – 46120
MSRP: $5,995.00

Alternatively, go for a spin in all black. Sleek, black leather strap with grey hand stitching highlights a black steel case with devious, subtle purple accents on the skeleton face. This sportsman’s watch is pure grit and magnetism.



Gevril Five Points Mechanical Manual Winding - Brown - 46121

Gevril Five Points Mechanical Manual Winding – Brown – 46121
MSRP: $5,995.00

Two very different stylistic approaches, one very consistent iconic collection: meet us at the Five Points.

A Journey Through Time

Gevril – A Swiss Luxury Watch Company Creating Exquisite Timepieces since 1758

by Keverne Denahan

Watchmaking for over 260 years brings with it a certain obligation to those that appreciate and understand Master Craftsmanship.  Gevril is one of the Top Swiss Watchmakers in the world with the panache of tradition and honor.

At its core is the established history of a young watchmaker, Jacques Gevril, who presented his watches and clocks to King Ferdinand VI of Spain in the 1700’s.  He was later appointed as Royal Watchmaker to the King.  That set the tone for the intricate workmanship defined by Swiss movement in every Gevril watch.  The endurance of such a long-lasting brand comes from just one thing:  deep-rooted quality.

The exquisite quality of a Gevril watch is of the utmost importance to the company.  After all, Gevril has hundreds of years of artisanal watchmaking under their proverbial watchband.  Many generations later, Gevril watches are still Swiss made at their workshop, Gevril Horlogerie, in Switzerland, at its founding roots.

Gevril Swiss Watches come in a variety of styles catering to the luxury client, while the level of quality has not changed since the inception.  Gevril is now reckoning with the renaissance of this historic brand while instilling glamour and modernity with new collections that appeal to more contemporary tastemakers.

Features such as the dual-time zone are perfect for travelers.  The newest collection is based on the longstanding history of architecture in New York City.  The influence of the Art Deco buildings led to the contemporary Avenue of the Americas Gervil Watch Collection.  They are in keeping with the time-honored tradition of limited editions for every collection by Gevril.

When choosing a Gevril watch over another Swiss watch company, what would be your motivation?  Wearing a bespoke timepiece that holds value is one reason that Gevril is consistently unique from other luxury Swiss watch brands.

Because of its enduring quest for quality, Gevril watches and timepieces review at five-stars consistently.  It is this adherence to the highest of standards and founders’ aesthetic using traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques that has created a valuable market for pre-owned Gevril watches.

Adding to their iconic branding and rich historical heritage, is their use of creating limited edition watch collections.  With only five hundred to a maximum of one thousand pieces per collection worldwide, exclusivity reigns supreme in limited numbers.

This scarcity is one element that has led to the highly collectible value of a Gevril watch. What one may consider an indulgence into the depths of luxury, another would consider a sound investment.

The most sought-after Gevril watches are those with gold cases thereby retaining or increasing their value for after-market and collectors.

An example of the value of a pre-owned vintage stainless steel watch, is the sale of the Gevril Tribeca “Paul Newman Daytona Tribute” watch, limited edition 247/500, which was sold at Christie’s Auction House in October, 2019 for $9,375.00.

Additionally, Gevril watches are sophisticated, serious and playful yet still considered to be one of the most sought-after Swiss watch brands.  Their legendary watchmaking history has combined ingenuity with technology which is reflected in their watches with ever-changing styles and collections.

This is why it comes as no surprise that Gevril was discovered by Hollywood.

With international notoriety and heritage brand recognition, Gevril watches suddenly became the go-to accessory for notable celebrities worldwide such as Denzel Washington, Mario Andretti, Anne Hathaway and Heidi Klum, to name a few.

Gevril Swiss Timepieces are rooted firmly in the present with deep ties to the past.  The quality is unshakeable with a profound sense of style.

It is with this keeping of honoring the traditions of the past while creating heirloom quality that can be passed down from generation to generation, that the Gevril watch ticks on.

Will Swatch Sistem51 Revolutionize the Watch Industry or Be Rejected by It?

Swatch Sistem51

by John Sealander  

Is the watch world ready for a super accurate, maintenance free, “Swiss made” mechanical timepiece that is mass-produced with only 51 parts?

SwatchThirty years ago Swatch revolutionized the watch industry with the introduction of the world’s first line of stylish, inexpensive quartz watches. Now, many say they’ve turned the world upside down again with the introduction of the world’s first high quality, all-mechanical movement assembled entirely by machine.

The innovative Swatch Sistem51 is unlike any mechanical watch ever made. There are only 51 components, compared to over 600 in most modern mechanical watches. The assembly of this watch has been 100% automated, using high-tech robots to weld together the individual components to create a single assembly centered on one screw. This unique timepiece has no regulator and is adjusted for life at the factory using a laser. The all-mechanical movement features a 90-hour power reserve and is hermetically sealed so that no moisture, dust or foreign objects can enter the watch or interfere with its operation.

Swatch Sistem51 Red Swatch Sistem51 White
Swatch Sistem51 Red Swatch Sistem51 White
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

The watch is 100% Swiss made, is self-lubricating, and is accurate to 5 seconds a day. Typically a Swiss made mechanical watch with these specifications will cost thousands of dollars, but the Sistem51 is expected to retail for less than $100. This mass-produced mechanical marvel is made using a special alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. It is non-magnetic, so the movement will never need adjusting. Since all the components are attached using a single screw, there is very little wear and tear.

Is There a Demand?

The big question now is whether there is a market for such a watch. Although extremely reliable and accurate, it has none of the snob appeal of its pricy handmade Swiss cousins. The Sistem51 is more expensive than equivalent Swatch quartz watches, yet offers far fewer features than the latest generation of “smart watches” that are starting to hit the market.

What the Swatch Sistem51 does offer is a super accurate, extremely reliable, all mechanical Swiss made movement in an inexpensive plastic case. Like any Swatch design, the Sistem51 can be easily customized with an unlimited number of color variations and face designs. Although the innovative watch has received wide praise for it’s technological innovations, it remains to be seen whether it will be commercially viable.

Does the market really want an inexpensive all-mechanical watch, or will people continue to prefer the exclusivity of handmade mechanical timepieces costing thousands more? Since the technology itself is revolutionary, it would not be surprising to see Swatch incorporate the new movement in some of its own high-end brands. Will there eventually be an Omega, Breguet, or Blancpain watch with a Sistem51 movement? Only time will tell.

Potential Game-Changer

The Japanese and Chinese already offer a wide variety of affordable mechanical timepieces. Currently however, when a watch says Swiss made on the dial, it is usually quite expensive. The breakthrough Sistem51 design might change all that.

If the Sistem51 design turns out to be as reliable as has been initially claimed, it could even cut into the sale of quartz watches. Why would people want to keep changing batteries when they could get a high quality self-winding mechanical watch for the same price?

Although the Swatch Sistem51 was introduced over a year ago at Baselworld 2013, it has only recently become available in retail markets. As people begin to discover this revolutionary new design, it could have a major impact on the entire watch industry. Nobody denies that this watch is a breakthrough. The only uncertainty at this point is whether it will be a commercial success.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, watchmaker and wholesale watch distributor, is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury and Swiss watches and trendy fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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Hublot Chairman Accuses Apple of Stealing Watchmakers

Hublot Watchmakers

by John Sealander  

Will your next smartwatch say “Swiss made” on the dial?

When Jean-Claude Biver, the head of the Watches and Jewelry division of LVMH and the Chairman of luxury watch brand Hublot, accused Apple of trying to poach some of his best Hublot employees, it started a firestorm of speculation within the watch industry. What was Apple up to? It has long been anticipated that Apple will instantly become a major player in the burgeoning smartwatch category when it introduces its almost inevitable iWatch. Why was the company looking to Switzerland?

Although nobody knows when an iWatch will reach the market, almost everybody agrees that it is coming. With Apple’s design expertise and proven record at popularizing new technology, expectations for Apple’s upcoming smartwatch are high. The market clearly expects something spectacular from the Cupertino giant.

What the Swiss Have to Offer

While nobody expects Apple to include a tourbillon or a moon phase complication in its upcoming iWatch, there is still a lot that Swiss watch experts have to offer a potential smartwatch powerhouse. Watchmakers take metallurgy seriously. For hundreds of years, Swiss watchmakers have been experts at creating entirely new metals and alloys, just to solve a watchmaking problem.

Hublot Watch with Magic GoldOne of these high tech alloys is called Magic Gold, and it was developed by the very Hublot that Jean-Claude Biver says Apple was trying to raid. Magic Gold is a proprietary combination of ceramic and gold that Hublot has used to make watchcases virtually scratch proof. Is it just coincidence that Apple tried to license this special alloy for use in the iPhone 5 in 2013? Later that year, Apple released an all-new gold version of its popular phone and it is still looking for a way to make its cases scratchproof.

Some industry experts say that Apple may want their upcoming iWatch to say Swiss made on the dial. While this is a possibility, it is highly unlikely, since the company has always been extremely proud of its California roots. The term “Swiss made,” which has long been associated with high quality mechanical watches, would hold little value to a customer buying wearable technology. There are no springs and gears in a smartwatch and there never will be.

Swiss Expertise

What is more likely is that Apple is considering opening a new R&D facility in Switzerland. Steve Jobs was always fond of borrowing ideas from other disciplines and incorporating them in Apple designs. “Good artists copy. Great artists steal,” he said once, lending credence rumors that Apple actually is poaching talent from leading Swiss watchmakers.

It makes sense. The Swiss have been experts in manufacturing all sorts of things for hundreds of years. In Switzerland, Apple could recruit from an amazing pool of watchmaking talent. While Apple doesn’t need the Swiss to put a tourbillon in a smartwatch, they do need Swiss process engineering, ergonomics, metallurgy, and miniaturization expertise. Hiring the best talent they can find from well-respected companies like Hublot, might just give them the competitive edge they are looking for.

While it is fun to speculate whether your new iWatch will say “Swiss made” on the dial, the accusations of talent poaching do have serious implications. Watchmaking is a billion dollar industry and the market for wearable technology is potentially even larger. The Swiss should actually be happy that Apple is looking at them. If Apple hires a few watch experts from Hublot, it won’t hurt the industry. Instead, it will probably help. By acknowledging Swiss expertise, Apple is telling the world what watch aficionados have known all along: Swiss watchmakers are the best in the world at what they do.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, watchmaker and wholesale watch distributor, is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury and Swiss watches and trendy fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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