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Swiss Made

Manufacture of Eterna 3510 Swiss Made Movements

For More than a Century, the Words “Swiss Made”
Have Been Synonymous with Exceptional Quality

When you buy a Swiss made product, you aren’t just purchasing something manufactured in Switzerland; you’re acquiring a product that meets stringent Swiss legal standards for quality.

Swiss Made MovementThe words “Swiss Made” on a fine watch are of particular importance, since watchmaking is one of Switzerland’s most important industries. These words are prescribed by law, and a timepiece cannot be considered Swiss Made unless it contains a Swiss movement that has been encased in Switzerland, where the manufacturer carries out the watch’s final inspection.

A movement itself cannot be classified as Swiss Made unless it has been assembled in Switzerland, has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, and contains Swiss made components that constitute at least 50% of its total value.

Swiss watchmakers have been responsible for many of the industry’s most important innovations. The quality and craftsmanship found in Swiss factories and manufacturing facilities are legendary. With the enviable reputation Swiss watchmakers have been able to achieve during several centuries of perfecting their art, it’s no surprise that many fine watches aspire to be called Swiss Made.

Swiss Made WatchThe words “Swiss Made” on a watch’s dial have become so desirable to customers that many brands from other countries actually manufacture their timepieces in Switzerland. Some of the most popular designs from countries, such as Italy and France, proudly inscribe “Swiss Made” on the face of their watches, even though the watches weren’t designed in Switzerland.

The Swiss watch industry continues to grow and flourish, because these brands have come to understand that Swiss quality actually means something to their customers.

With the globalization of the watch industry, it has been important for Switzerland to maintain its high standards. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has proposed to strengthen Swiss trademark law, so that at least 80% of the production cost of a mechanical watch would be attributed to operations carried out in Switzerland in order to label it “Swiss Made.” For electronic and quartz watches, at least 60% of the production cost would have to take place in Switzerland.

Swiss watches are highly desirable, partially because the words “Swiss Made” actually mean something. Swiss watchmakers take pride in their craft, and the entire Switzerland takes pride in the country’s watchmaking industry. Switzerland’s efforts to trademark quality are unique in today’s modern world. Quality is often in the eye of the beholder, but when you are looking for a fine watch, you need only look for the words “Swiss Made.”

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