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Free Fortis 100 Years Book

Fortis 100 Years Book Cover

by John Sealander  

Fortis Wrote the Book on Fine Timepieces, Now You Can Read It

Fortis WatchesAn Early Fortis AdIn many ways, the history of Fortis is the history of the watch industry itself. For almost 100 years the company has been surprising the world with a succession of technical achievements and marketing firsts. In celebration of their 100th Anniversary, Fortis is giving watch aficionados a unique opportunity to relive this history of innovation and excellence with a beautiful new book that chronicles the company’s history: Free Fortis 100 Years Book.

This spectacular oversize volume chronicles the brand’s rise from Walter Vogt’s early dreams of manufacturing top quality, innovative timepieces at an affordable price, to the worldwide leadership the company enjoys today. This unique limited edition coffee table book is filled with hundreds of never before seen photos and drawings from the Fortis Grenchen archives and will make a special gift for anyone who appreciates fine timepieces.

Follow the company from its humble beginnings in 1912, to the revolutionary development of the world’s first automatic wristwatch in 1926, to the introduction of the first widely available waterproof watch in the early 1940’s. Then discover how this history of technical achievement continues even today, with the introduction of the world’s first automatic chronograph alarm in 1997 and Fortis watches on board the International Space Station. After 100 years of innovation and firsts, it’s no surprise that Fortis watches are a favored timepiece of astronauts and aviators around the world.

Fortis on a Russian AstronautFortis still has the distinction of being the first watch worn in open space after a Fortis watch was worn on an early Russian spacewalk. Fortis is the official watch of the Russian space program, and to this day all cosmonauts and astronauts leaving the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia receive a Fortis watch as part of their official space equipment.

When Walter Vogt was looking for a name for his young company in the early 1900’s, he chose the Latin word Fortis. Fortis means “strength” in Latin and Vogt knew his company needed to be strong to succeed in the competitive Swiss watch market. The Fortis 100 Years Book is a celebration of the company’s 100 year journey to become one of the world’s most respected brands. If you or someone you know appreciates fine timepieces, you’ll definitely want a copy of this fascinating story for yourself. To order your own copy of the Fortis 100 Years Book, contact Gevril Group or an authorized Fortis dealer and reserve your book today.

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