Edox Goes To Hollywood


by John Sealander  

Is it any surprise that the best time travel movie of 2012
turned to Edox for the film’s signature timepieces?

Edox Swiss WatchesLooper, a new movie set in the year 2074, depicts a future world where time travel has been invented but immediately outlawed. As is often the case with outlawed practices, it is the outlaws themselves who end up using time travel for their own purposes. To dispose of bodies secretly, crime bosses sent their victims into the past, where hired guns, called “Loopers” dispose of them.

In this well-received action thriller, many of the cast are seen wearing Edox watches. The producers of Looper felt that Edox brought just the right look to their futuristic film. Adam Boyer, who plays Tye in the movie, is seen sporting a spectacular Classe Royale Big Date Chronograph. Garrett Dillahunt, who plays Jesse, wears a similar Classe Royale Chronograph with a Day/Date indicator at three o’clock and a black rubber strap. Kevin Stillwell, as a hired gunman, sports the GMT version of this striking square face timepiece.

Looper Actors Wearing Their Edox Classe Royale Timepieces

Adam Boyer Garret Dillahunt Kevin Stillwell
Adam Boyer Garret Dillahunt Kevin Stillwell
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With their dramatic futuristic looks, the boldly styled, 40 mm Classe Royale Collection adds a touch of authenticity to this science fiction thriller. In the past, or in the future, there is no mistaking what time it is with one of these bad boys on your wrist.

Looper wasn’t the only Hollywood production that has turned to Edox for answers. The producers of Community, a popular television comedy series set at a fictional community college, also contacted Edox recently. Six Edox watches have already left Switzerland and are on their way to the show for use in future episodes.

Time and time again, Edox has been contacted by producers and directors of Hollywood movies and television series to procure distinctive watches for their productions. Edox timepieces have a reputation for their unique designs and producers know they will add to the look they are trying to achieve. You don’t have to be an actor, a producer or a racing driver to appreciate Edox’s signature style and quality however. All you have to do is go to your nearest authorized Edox dealer and ask to see your favorite collection.

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