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GV2 Fortunato Watch Collection

by John Sealander

If you thought it was impossible to find a truly unique wristwatch, your luck is about to change.

GV2 WatchesDesigned to bring the Gevril name and quality reputation to a wider audience, GV2 watches are prized for their innovative designs and affordable prices. Almost every year GV2 introduces something new that amazes and excites watch aficionados, and 2014 is no exception.

The playfully original GV2 Fortunato Collection features a fully functional roulette wheel on the watch’s caseback. Protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, the turret on this miniature wheel actually rotates. Several Fortunato models even utilize playing cards as numbers and employ an authentically marked gambling die as a winding crown.

GV2 29300-773 Fortunato
MSRP $1,295
GV2 29301-773 Fortunato
MSRP $1,295
GV2 29302-773 Fortunato
MSRP $1,195
GV2 29300-773 Fortunato GV2 29301-773 Fortunato GV2 29302-773 Fortunato
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This massive 48 mm watch is an automatic attention-getter wherever you go. With models that include a beautiful dial inspired by gaming images or sportier versions that feature a carbon fiber dial and date window, this could easily be the ultimate sports and party watch.
GV2 Fortunato Roulette Caseback

Don’t think that this fine watch is just a plaything however. The Gv2 Fortunato includes an almost indestructible 316L stainless steel case that is water resistant to 165 feet as well as a precision Swiss made automatic movement designed to provide years of reliable and accurate service. Like every GV2 timepiece, each Fortunato has been handcrafted in Switzerland by old-world craftsmen.

GV2 29303-473 Fortunato
MSRP $1,095
GV2 29304-473 Fortunato
MSRP $1,195
GV2 29305-771 Fortunato
MSRP $1,295
GV2 29303-473 Fortunato GV2 29304-473 Fortunato GV2 29305-771 Fortunato
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Available in stainless steel and IP black variations, the Fortunato has been fitted with a comfortable black rubber strap for a sporty, casual look.

All watches in the impressive GV2 Fortunato Collection represent a tremendous value. It is almost impossible to find a watch with this level of quality and craftsmanship at this price point. You get the best of both worlds: a watch that’s sure to create a sensation wherever you wear it, at a price that makes it affordable enough to wear anywhere.

GV2 29306-771 Fortunato
MSRP $1,395
GV2 29307-771 Fortunato
MSRP $1,395
GV2 29308-711 Fortunato
MSRP $1,395
GV2 29306-771 Fortunato GV2 29307-771 Fortunato GV2 29308-711 Fortunato
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Will a GV2 Fortunato watch bring you luck? It just might. You’ll have to be wearing one to find out though. The Fortunato is expected to be one of the most popular GV2 designs yet.

If you’d like to see one of these whimsically wonderful creations on your wrist, don’t gamble with availability. To make sure you get lucky, contact an authorized GV2 dealer today and secure your favorite Fortunato watch immediately.

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