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Gevril Glamour Watch is, Well, Glamorous

by Meehna Goldsmith

Gevril WatchesGreta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz. What do all these women have in common? Glamour! It’s that quality that makes people exciting, desirable and special. All of us ladies want to be a member of this elite group. Perhaps you think you can’t be.

Never fear. Though the above mentioned ‘Glamourati’ may seem like they were born to define the term, they weren’t. Therein lies the secret. Glamour isn’t a gift given only to the lucky, it’s a studied art. And, the good news is, it’s obtainable by anyone—as long as you utilize the correct tools.

Glamour isn’t a singular quality. For a woman to be defined as glamorous, many pieces are required to make up the whole. It’s everything from clothes and makeup to hairstyle, posture and attitude. And, of course, there are the accessories. There’s a reason for the phrase “Accessories Make the Woman.”

One glamour accessory that’s crucial to the picture is a timepiece. Pick the wrong one and it can ruin the whole effect. As can always be expected from Gevril watches, with the Glamour Watch Collection, women can’t go wrong. In and of itself, the Glamour is, well, glamorous. In a 34 x 44 mm stainless steel case, its dial is spare and features clean lines with stylized Arabic numerals with a date at 6 o’clock. But this simplicity is an asset. Have you ever seen glamor that’s overly complicated and too busy?

Gevril 6208RE Glamour Gevril 6209NV Glamour
Gevril 6208RE Glamour Gevril 6209NV Glamour
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The Glamour kicks into a high gear by placing in the dial a colored square accent around which are the seconds hashes. Knowing that each woman is her own individual, Glamour offers a variety of color combinations. The square accent comes in green, pink, blue or white, with the option of the same colors in a luminescent mother-of-pearl.

Of course, glamor demands a little sparkle and the Gevril Glamour Collection definitely has it. Depending on how much twinkling you prefer, the Glamour watch comes in four combinations: diamonds all around the bezel; diamonds on top and bottom of bezel; diamonds on two sides of the bezel; and diamonds all around bezel and on the 2 sides of case.

The pretty Glamour package, which is powered by a solid and reliable automatic movement wraps around the wrist with a calfskin band that matches the square accent in green, pink, blue and white. There’s also the option of a red band to go with the pink models.

The Gevril Glamour watch is a definite asset to women who want to be glamorous — and, remember, ladies, we are all capable of standing alongside Greta, Marlene and Penelope.

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