JOWISSA Women’s Scala Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Though not a new name in the watch world, JOWISSA has recently brought their exceptional designs from Switzerland to the United States. Established as an independent company in 1951 by Josef Wyss with the help of his wife and children, JOWISSA still remains in family hands today, a rare situation in a horology world dominated by watch companies held by large luxury corporations. By keeping JOWISSA within the family, they can create freely without the pressures of corporate and marketing mandates, resulting in unusual and beautiful watches that stand out among the crowd.

JOWISSA has staked out a special place in affordable jewelry watches that really dress up a woman’s wrist. The rectangular Scala is a perfect example of what makes JOWISSA exceptional. Though the watch is categorized by its rectangular shape, it’s more than that. To make something ordinary is just not the JOWISSA philosophy.

Buy Jowissa Scala Watch CollectionThe JOWISSA Scala is actually in a faceted octagonal shape that gives it dimension. The case frames a square dial with engraved baton-style numerals surrounding it, which gives it extra character. Leaving the stainless steel dial open provides JOWISSA a canvas, and they use it sparingly but very well. The designers smartly left off a seconds hand, which would have diminished the clean lines of the dial.

Covered in dazzling crystals or the vivid colors blue and purple, the JOWISSA Scala is very much in the Bauhaus school of art, playing with geometric shapes and colors. What makes the Bauhaus movement so interesting is that through restraint the objects have impact, and the Scala is no exception.

Though there is a monochromatic version of the JOWISSA Scala in a stainless case with a crystal dial and matching bracelet, the other crystal dials offer options of interchangeable genuine calfskin bands patterned in alligator with a buckle closure in blue, white and purple. These bands can be interchanged to match an outfit or update a look.

While watch diameters have been scaling up, bigger sizes don’t necessarily suit all women’s tastes, particularly because of their smaller wrist sizes. In a stainless steel 25×37 mm case, the JOWISSA Scala situates nicely as a fashion accessory without becoming overpowering.

Buy Jowissa Scala Watch CollectionThe Scala is powered by a Ronda 762 quartz movement and is water resistant to 99 feet. Every JOWISSA watch receives the superlative after sales service, as the company prides itself on keeping all their customers smiling.

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