Watch Journal Showcases Julien Bigen’s Fortis and Rolex

Watch Journal Features Fortis and Rolex

Fortis WatchesWatch Journal features several notable watch collectors and their favorite timepieces in the March 2015 edition and provides us an opportunity to look into the lives of each of these collectors and gain insight into the watch enthusiast culture.

Among the featured collectors is Julien Bigen, US Communications Director at Roche Bobois. Most people tend to view watches as jewelry or accessories, but not watch enthusiasts and collectors for whom a timepiece has the ability to elevate the level of the wearer’s experience. Mr. Bigen says, “Each morning in a way, you are thinking about what you are going to do that day and you match it up with the watch. I think watches are almost sensual objects — I mean you touch a watch the whole day. it’s on your wrist.”

Watches are a culture. They’re a talking point and a conversation starter. Timepiece aficionados enjoy discussing their favorite pieces, and which watch one wears definitely makes a statement about its wearer. “If you have a nice watch with you, or someone else has a nice watch — especially among men nowadays — it becomes a lot of the conversation,” explains Bigen. “I have a very easy Fortis Flieger Classic Black Dial that I wear for sports. I think it’s nice…because you can always match it with what you are wearing on a specific day.”

Timepiece Collector Julien Bigen Featured in Watch Journal
Timepiece Collector Julien Bigen Featured in Watch Journal
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Watch Journal Features Julien Bigen’s Fortis and Rolex Collections
Watch Journal Features Julien Bigen's Fortis and Rolex Collections
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Bigen was inspired to collect watches after buying his first timepiece, a Rolex. “After that first Rolex, I got into it — as soon as you get a watch with some kind of value or history, that happens,” he explains. It has been 15 years since he bought his first watch and since then he has collected 15 different models. “I am not a big collector, I just have a few models, but that’s how it all started.”

What is clear is that Julien Bigen has a deep appreciation for the individuality and unique expression of each watch in his collection. He, like all watch collectors, uses each individual watch to communicate his sense of style and enjoys the benefits of wearing a piece of history like a Fortis or a Rolex on his wrist.

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