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Catorex Men’s Les Petites Mechanical Hand-Wind Pocket Watch Collection

by John Sealander

The new Catorex Men’s Les Petites represents another small step that will make a big difference to pocket watch fans.

Catorex WatchesMaking quality pocket watches has been a specialty of Catorex Cattin Watchmakers ever since they began been making high quality mechanical timepieces in Switzerland’s Jura region in 1785. When other manufacturers abandoned the pocket watch, Catorex did something different: they updated them for the modern world. As a result, this unique family business has almost singlehandedly brought pocket watches back from obscurity and made them popular again.

Buy Catorex Men's Les Petites Watch CollectionAll it takes is one look at the company’s new Men’s Les Petites watches and you quickly see that these aren’t the pocket watches your grandfather used to wear. The Catorex Men’s Les Petites mechanical hand-wind pocket Watch is much smaller than the massive railroad watches that were commonly worn 100 years ago. These handcrafted, 25 mm masterpieces are easy to wear and provide the perfect complement to today’s latest fashions.

The handsome brass bezel has been engraved with distinctive Roman numbers, and on some models, the beautiful skeletonized dial can be viewed through a durable mineral glass crystal on both the front and back of the watch, allowing you to see straight through the intricate Swiss made, hand-wind mechanical movement. Other models employ a handsome solid brass caseback for a more traditional look.

These beautiful examples of the watchmaker’s art are superbly practical timekeepers that are destined to become a treasured heirloom for those who wear them. The smaller size of Les Petites pocket watches makes them more practical for modern men to wear and carry, while maintaining all the traditional appeal of your grandfather’s pocket watch.

Depending on the model you choose, the superbly engineered brass case of this diminutive men’s pocket watch is plated with either 18K gold, or pure Palladium. There is also a high quality, matching watch fob that makes it easy to carry this modern masterpiece in a vest or pants pocket. The impression you create with one of these stunning timepieces is like nothing you have experienced before.

Buy Catorex Men's Les Petites Watch CollectionGuy Cattin, the current owner of this family business, sees the finely crafted Les Petites watch as a continuation of his commitment to creating a new generation of sophisticated mechanical watches for the modern world. If you would like to experience the joy of wearing a fine pocket watch yourself, contact your nearest authorized Catorex dealer and reserve one of these intricate skeletonized beauties today.

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