Fortis Sponsors Swiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatics Team

Swiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatics Team

by John Sealander  

The Elegance and Precision of the Swiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatics Team Is a Thing of Beauty, So is the Watch They Depend On

Fortis WatchesSwiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatic Team, View From the AirIt comes as no surprise that Fortis timepieces have been designated as official equipment for the elite Swiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatics Team. Fortis has been a favorite of aviators and astronauts since they began manufacturing their first precision chronographs in the 1930’s. Cosmonauts and astronauts still receive a Fortis watch as part of their official space equipment when they complete their training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia. Many air force squadrons around the world have also turned to Fortis for timekeeping solutions. Fortis even has a special squadron program and allows flying squadrons to customize a Fortis timepiece with their own official insignia.

With its rich heritage among pilots and aviators, Fortis was proud to sponsor the prestigious Swiss Air Force PC-7 Aerobatics Team and provide them with the accurate and reliable aviation timepieces they depend on. As ambassadors of the Swiss Air Force, the PC-7 Aerobatics Team demonstrates the elegance and beauty of precise formation flying at its very best. Nine fighter pilots, each flying a Pilatus PC-7 training aircraft inspire hundreds of thousands of spectators every year with a program of exciting maneuvers and stunts, all executed while flying only a few meters from each other.

The precision maneuvers performed by the PC-7 team require exact timing. That’s why the team relies on timepieces that have a reputation for providing aviators with exactly what the need. The Fortis B-42 and B-47 Collections have been a favorite of pilots for many years and the all-new Fortis F-43 Collection is proving equally popular with a new generation of aviators.

The PC-7 “Flying Diamond” team has inspired countless young people to pursue a career in aviation themselves. The nine Swiss pilots, the Swiss made Fortis timepieces they depend on, and the Swiss made Pilatus PC-7 aircraft they fly are all a testament to Switzerland’s unique ability to bring quality, precision, and craftsmanship to the world. Fortis is proud to be a part of this illustrious team. Over 100 years after it was founded by watchmaker Walter Vogt, Fortis continues to set the pace for other watch companies to follow.

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