Ballet Dancer Kateryna Shalkina New Ambassador for Saint Honoré Paris

by John Sealander  

When One of Europe’s Leading Ballerinas
Talks About the Opéra, People Listen

saint Honoré WatchesThousands of people all over the world have fallen under the spell of famous Ukrainian ballet dancer Kateryna Shalkina. Parisian watchmaker saint Honoré could not have wished for a better ambassador than this internationally acclaimed dancer.

As the new ambassador for saint Honoré timepieces, Kateryna helped introduce many new saint Honoré Collections at Baselworld 2012. The young dancer sees many parallels between her career as a principal dancer and the Swiss made watch manufacturer she now represents. “Becoming a principal dancer is the summit of a long and difficult journey, just like the creation of a fine timepiece,” says Kateryna.

Kateryna Shalikina for Saint Honoré Opéra
Kateryna Shalikina for Saint Honoré Opéra
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She was particularly impressed with the new saint Honoré Opéra Collection and wears the watch proudly on her many trips abroad. Kateryna says that she loves the new Eclair finish on her Opéra watch. The detail and superb craftsmanship involved in creating this luxurious diamond-like effect reminds her of the perfection she must strive for every day in her dancing.

In 2012, Kateryna Shalkina will be electrifying her audiences in Spain, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and France. This elegant and extremely talented ballerina lives by a code of ethics that she shares with the brand she represents. Excellence, performance and elegance are what make an exceptional dancer and an exceptional watch.

Kateryna’s Saint Honoré Opéra Eclair Finish
Kateryna's Saint Honoré Opéra Eclair Finish

In a world hungry for style and glamor, saint Honoré and Kateryna Shalkina are uniquely suited to adding a bit of elegance everywhere they go. If you would like to see what these fashion forward trendsetters can do for you, contact your authorized saint Honore dealer immediately and ask to see the watch that Kateryna Shalkina wears.

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