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Edox Iceman II Limited Edition Le ‘Gokyo’ Dive Watch

by John Sealander

When Christian Redl attempts a world record ice dive at an altitude of over 15,000 feet, he’ll be wearing one of very few timepieces up to the challenge: the Edox Iceman II.

Edox Swiss WatchesExtreme freediver Christian Redl currently holds the world record for diving under the ice. This demanding sport tests the limits of human endurance with brutally cold water and limited visibility. This October, Christian will take ice diving to a whole new level when he attempts a record breaking dive at the world’s highest freshwater lake system: the sacred Gokyo Lakes in Nepal.

These six lakes are located at altitudes between 15,400 and 16,900 feet and are 203 feet deep. Like everything in the Himalayas, the diving conditions will be extreme. Just getting to the lakes will be a gigantic challenge. In addition to the cold, wind, and snow, Christian Redl will be breathing air that contains only 14% oxygen.

Christian Redl in the Elements A Gokyo Lake
Christian Redl in the Elements A Gokyo Lake


Under conditions like these, Christian will need all the help he can get, including a technically advanced watch that will provide the accuracy and reliability he needs. It’s not surprising that Christian Redl has chosen the Edox Iceman II Limited Edition for his record-breaking attempt.
Free Diver Christian Redl

The Iceman II Limited Edition is an amazing timepiece. In recognition of the 203 foot depth of the Gokyo Lakes, only 203 pieces of this superb diving tool will ever be produced. The 45mm Iceman II Limited Edition features a durable 316L stainless steel case that has received a special black PVD coating to provide the best possible contrast with the bright red numerals and indices.

Edox Iceman II
Edox Iceman II
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The unique combination of a left hand crown and pushers, an easy-to-read “two eye” chronograph configuration, and an extremely high visibility dial, make this watch an ideal companion for Christian Redl on his record breaking attempt. With a case that is water resistant to 3,000 feet, a scratch proof and glare proof sapphire crystal, a trouble-free Edox 103 quartz movement, and a comfortable structured black rubber strap, Christian is free to concentrate on his dive. His watch will take care of itself.

Edox stands behind Christian Redl as he prepares for this impressive and fascinating world record attempt. If you appreciate fine timepieces, you can show your support by wearing one of the 203 available Iceman II Limited Edition timepieces on your own wrist. Even if you never get beyond the shallow waters, you will have the security of knowing that you have exactly the same watch that Christian Redl will be wearing on his record setting dive. To reserve your own Iceman II Limited Edition Chronograph, contact an authorized Edox dealer immediately.

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