Fortis Private Label Squadron Watch Program

Fortis Sikorsky Squadron Watch

by John Sealander  

Fortis Squadron Watches have become a military tradition. Now your own organization can participate in this exclusive program.

Fortis WatchesFortis timepieces are considered part of the uniform by many military men and women. Soldiers, sailors, and aviators from around the world have learned they can depend on Fortis in critical situations. These durable, extremely accurate timing tools have become so popular in military circles that they have been selected by an elite group of aeronautical squadrons as their official squadron timepiece.

To meet the unique needs of the world’s fighting forces, Fortis established a special division that could equip these elite military squadrons with exclusive limited editions of select Fortis timepieces.

These exclusive squadron watches were produced in limited quantities and were emblazoned with each squadron’s official insignia and slogans on the dial. America’s Fighting Falcons, Germany’s 72 Westfalen squadron, the Greek Hellenistic Tigers, the Hungarian Air Force, and many others have all worn customized Fortis Squadron Watches.

Fortis Private Label Watches for Non-Military Organizations

The exclusivity of a Fortis Squadron Watch quickly made it one of the world’s most desirable timepieces. You couldn’t just go into a store and buy a squadron watch. For the pilots and crew who wore these timepieces proudly, they were part of the uniform. It wasn’t long before other non-military organizations wanted their own version of these popular squadron watches and Fortis rose to the occasion.

Now any type of organization can honor their members or employees with an exclusive one-of-a-kind Fortis timepiece. The new Fortis Private Label Squadron Watch Program makes it easy to personalize a selection of popular Fortis timepieces, including chronographs, limited artist editions, aviator, and diver styles with your organization’s logo or special emblem. Fortis can even engrave the case back of your watch with a unique inscription or design.

Fortis Sikorsky Squadron – Front Fortis Sikorsky Squadron – Caseback
Fortis Sikorsky Squadron Watch Front Fortis Sikorsky Squadron Watch Caseback
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An exclusive Fortis Private Label Watch is the perfect way to honor firefighters, police, fraternal organizations, or sports teams. You can also personalize your Fortis watch with your own company’s logo. To find out more about how easy it is to bring the many rewards of the popular Fortis Squadron Watch Program to your own enterprise, contact Gevril Group today and tell the folks there that you’re interested in creating a Fortis Private Label Watch of your own.

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