Veteran Actress Helen Mirren to Receive Hollywood Star

by Steven Jay  

Helen Mirren has an Oscar for her monumental role as The Queen as well as four SAG Awards, four BAFTA’s, three Golden Globes, four Emmy’s, two Best Actress awards at Cannes and is about to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As if that’s not enough she also owns a stunning diamond Gevril Avenue of Americas Mini.

Mirren knew at the tender age of six, she wanted to become an actress in the “old fashioned and traditional sense.” At the age of 18 she landed the role of Cleopatra with the British National Youth Theater. Her performance as Cleopatra was so well received that it led to her acceptance as a member of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company. During her 8 year tenure with the RSC, she appeared as Cressida, Julia, Ophelia, Miss Julie, Lady Macbeth and Queen Margaret.

Helen Mirren Sporting Her Gevril “Mini”
Helen Mirren Wearing Gevril Watch

Mirren continued to flourish and gain popularity in theater throughout Europe, but it wasn’t until 1967 when she appeared in her first motion picture, Herostratus, that her career began to really blossom. Over the years she starred in a variety of television shows, movies and Broadway theater productions. In 2006 Mirren took on a career and life altering role starring in The Queen. Critics everywhere lauded her performance as “groundbreaking,” and her celebrity status shot through the stratosphere. The “Academy” was so enamored with her performance, that she was awarded the coveted Oscar for Best Actress.

A woman of beauty and style, Mirren is naturally drawn to accessories that exude femininity and simplicity; it is no wonder that she owns the very elegant and demure Gevril Avenue of Americas Mini. When she experienced the timepiece for the first time she proclaimed, “Now isn’t that quite girly” and instantly fell in love with it. Mirren is one of many “A” list celebrities who have come to appreciate the rich history, impeccable quality, technical innovation and aesthetic beauty of Gevril.

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