Catorex Les Petites Women’s Sphere Pendant Watch Collection

by John Sealander  

Fashion forward women are having a ball wearing the Catorex Les Petites Sphere Pendant watch.

Catorex WatchesPendant timepieces used to be all the rage. Catorex is reviving the popularity of these beautiful jewelry watches with a new twist. This time, the pendant is a sphere. These 18 mm spherically shaped, quartz powered Les Petites Pendant timepieces combine the pleasure of wearing a beautiful hand painted or 18K gold plated necklace with the practicality and precision of a Swiss made timepiece.

Buy Catorex Women's Les Petites Sphere Pendant Watch CollectionEach of these diminutive timepieces is a work of art. Some models feature hand painted floral scenes on the spherical brass case, while others are adorned with a hand applied 24K gold Fleur-de-lis pattern. A brass clasp on the top hemisphere attaches the watch to a delicate chain necklace, while the bottom hemisphere contains a precision Swiss made quartz movement that powers the attractive two-hand time display. The combination of the watch’s pristine white dial with contrasting black hands in a spherical brass case is simply spectacular.

The tiny, beautifully decorated Les Petites Pendant spheres are bringing back the romance of wearing a pendant, and fashion forward women have been quick to embrace the stylish new look. As with all Catorex timepieces, this master Swiss watchmaker has taken something old and made it new again.

Catorex Cattin Watchmakers have been making high quality mechanical timepieces in Switzerland’s Jura region since 1785. Unlike other manufacturers, they never abandoned traditional styles like the pendant and the pocket watch. By updating these beautiful designs for the modern world, Catorex has introduced a whole new generation to the pleasure of wearing something out of the ordinary.

Buy Catorex Women's Les Petites Sphere Pendant Watch CollectionIf you would like to see what one of these delicate spherical pendants looks like around your neck, contact your authorized Catorex dealer immediately and ask to see the Women’s Les Petites Sphere Pendant Collection.

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