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Fortis Aeromaster “Dawn” and “Dusk” Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith

The Two Moods of the Fortis Aeromaster

Fortis WatchesFortis built its reputation on independently crafting a Flieger (pilot) watch. No country asked them to do it; they took on the challenge themselves. Their Flieger watch was so impressive that the Russian space program made it the official watch of the cosmonauts. To this day Fortis holds the honor of outfitting the Russian flight program with their watches.

Because Fortis is so strong in the Flieger category it often gets overlooked in its other collections and that’s a big mistake. The brand applies the same attention to details, function and technology to other categories. The Aviatis category is definitely one to consider, especially the Aeromaster models. While the Aviatis (flight watch) pillar was originally developed to assist pilots in their journeys, the new “Dawn” and “Dusk” models are so elegant that they have you covered in any situation: professional, casual and dressy.

Fortis 655.10.18 Aeromaster “Dawn” Fortis 655.18.98 Aeromaster “Dusk”
Fortis 655.10.18 Aeromaster Fortis 655.18.98 Aeromaster
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The “Dawn” and “Dusk” have all the features of the Aeromaster that put a smile on pilots’ faces, such as a robust Swiss made automatic movement and stainless steel case, lumed raised indices and numbers that give a cool and modern green afterglow, and lumed aviation-style hands that harken back to the first aviator watches. And, of course, the de rigueur orienting lumed triangle surrounded with two dots at 12 o’clock.

Although the “Dawn” and “Dusk” don’t qualify as dress watches, particularly because of the 42 mm stainless steel case and the larger silhouette, the sunray finished lush brown dial elevates the “Dawn” and “Dusk” comfortably into an office or sophisticated setting. Both the “Dawn” and “Dusk” come in two iterations: One is a chronograph with a tachymeter that has day and date windows at 9 and 3 o’clock respectively in a stainless case, while the other has a cleaner look without the chronograph and tachymeter but keeps the day/date function and comes in a PVD case.

Fortis 656.10.18 Aeromaster “Dawn” Fortis 656.18.98 Aeromaster “Dusk”
Fortis 656.10.18 Aeromaster Fortis 656.18.98 Aeromaster
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So what’s the difference between the “Dawn” and Dusk”? Brands are constantly speaking about their watches creating mood and emotion. Fortis cleverly incorporated this poetic idea in a more concrete way. While the “Dawn” with its lighter hues of browns represents beginnings, the optimism and light of a new day, the “Dusk” is more brooding, dark and mysterious as night sets in.

With the “Dawn” and “Dusk” Fortis combined its reputation and expertise with tool watches and presented one that not only is extremely functional but a beautiful timepiece for everyday wear. It even has the ability to express your mood — even if it’s only you who know it.

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