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GV2 Scuderia Watch Collection


by John Sealander

Italians know that a Scuderia is not an ordinary stable.
Watch aficionados know that it’s not an ordinary watch.
GV2 WatchesIn Italian, the word Scuderia refers to a stable reserved for racehorses. That’s why Italian drivers and racing teams adopted the word as their own to describe their country’s top motor racing teams. Today, there are dozens of Italian “Scuderia” teams, including some of the world’s most successful Formula One teams and drivers.

When GV2 decided to develop their own version of the quintessential drivers watch, they adopted the Scuderia name in honor of Italy’s proud racing heritage. The boldly styled GV2 Scuderia has everything today’s racing driver needs. The oversize 50 mm IP black case features a racing style dial that is easy to read at a glance while behind the wheel.

GV2 9900 Scuderia – MSRP $2,595 GV2 9903 Scuderia – MSRP $2,595
GV2 9900 Scuderia GV2 9903 Scuderia
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The large, color coded chronometer pushers can be used even while wearing driving gloves. In addition to its easy-to-use chronometer functions and a handy tachymeter scale on the bezel, this full-featured driver’s timepiece also includes a power reserve, an alarm, a second time zone hand, a day of the week indicator, and an extra large big date indicator.

The impressive Scuderia is powered by a reliable and trouble-free Swiss made ISA 8173 Quartz movement and is water resistant to 330 feet. A black, carbon fiber style dial has been paired with brightly colored hands and numbers, along with a matching genuine calfskin carbon fiber patterned band to enhance the racing appearance.

GV2 9905 Scuderia – MSRP $2,495 GV2 9906 Scuderia – MSRP $2,895
GV2 9905 Scuderia GV2 9906 Scuderia
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Timepieces in the GV2 Scuderia Collection are available with your choice of white, red, orange, or yellow markings on the dial, and are fitted with a matching premium top stitched leather band with a red, yellow, or orange lining. Even the oversized chronometer pusher flanking the protected setting crown is bright red for an unmistakable appearance.

GV2 9907 Scuderia – MSRP $2,895 GV2 9908 Scuderia – MSRP $2,795
GV2 9907 Scuderia GV2 9908 Scuderia
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Like all GV2 timepieces, the dynamic looking Scuderia is surprisingly affordable. This professional driver’s timepiece combines all the features that drivers need at a price that is thousands less than some competitive brands, and it is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
New Formula One Racecar

If you have a need for speed, you can start by putting something racy on your wrist. All you need to do to acquire your own GV2 Scuderia is contact your authorized GV2 dealer and ask to see the GV2 Scuderia Collection.

GV2 Scuderia Instruction Manual

The GV2 Scuderia includes a tachymeter scale, an alarm, a power reserve, an additional time zone hand, a day of the week subdial, and a date indicator. Figuring out how to use all these splendid watch complications could get… complicated.

Look through our informative GV2 Scuderia instruction manual below, and learn how to control all of the Scuderia’s unique functions!

A: Setting the Time

0.1 – Pull the setting crown at 3 o’clock to the third position and rotate either direction until the correct time is indicated on the silver timekeeping hands.

0.2 – When the time has been set, press crown all the way in again.

B: Setting the Correct Day

1.1 – Pull the setting crown to the third position and rotate counter-clockwise at least two full cycles until the correct day is indicated on the day sub-dial at 6 o’clock. The dial increments one day every 24-hours, so make sure you are aware if the current time is AM or PM.

1.2 – When the correct day is indicated, press the setting crown all the way in.

C: Setting the Date

2.1 – Pull the setting crown to the second position and rotate clockwise until the correct date is indicated on the date wheel. You should make this adjustment in the morning, so the date will not increment at noon.

2.2 – When the correct date is indicated, push the setting crown all the way in again

D: Setting the Second Time Zone Dial

4.1 – Press and hold the lower black pusher for two seconds to enter the time setting mode. You will hear a short beep when it is OK to set the red tipped second time zone hand.

4.2 – Press the black pusher again and hold it down continuously until this 24-hour dial indicates the desired time

4.3 – After three seconds without pressing the black pusher, the watch will automatically exit the setting mode

E: Setting the Alarm and Power Reserve Indicator

5.1 – Pull the setting crown to the second position

5.2 – Press the top red pusher until the small orange dial at 10 o’clock points to “E” on the Power Reserve indicator.

5.3 – When you are finished, press the setting crown all the way in again. The alarm function is on at this point. If you want the alarm to be off, press the red pusher again until the small orange dial returns to the off position.

5.4 – Press red pusher until the Power Reserve dial is in the “Off” position

5.5 – Pull the setting crown to the second position and rotate counter-clockwise until the red-tipped alarm hand is at the desired position.

5.6 – Press the setting crown all the way in again.

5.7 – Press the red pusher again. The small dial at 10 o’clock will first show the status of the power reserve for three seconds and then point to the “On” position to indicate the alarm function is active.

5.8 – The alarm is active until red pusher is pressed again and the power reserve dial returns to the “Off” position. The alarm can easily be turned on and off as desired by pressing the red pusher.

You can also download the GV2 Scuderia instructions as a PDF file here.

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