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Chris Botti Wears Gevril Avenue of Americas GMT Power Reserve Watch

by Steven Jay

Grammy-nominated trumpet player, Chris Botti is the world’s best-selling jazz instrumentalist. He recently came off a six-week tour, performing with legendary vocalist Barbara Streisand as well as revisiting the prestigious Zeiterion Arts Center last week, dazzling those in attendance with his horn blowing genius.

In 2009 Chris recorded his DVD Live in Boston at the Zeiterion, so this event had special meaning for him. Rolling Stones backup singer Lisa Fischer joined Mr. Botti to help bring a variety of music styles into the performance. He performed songs from his most recent album Impressions which featured an amazing cast of musicians including Andrea Bocelli, Vince Gill and Herbie Hancock to name few.

Staying busy and keeping in touch with his audience is paramount to Botti. He firmly believes that in order for an artist to remain relevant he must continue to tour regularly, keeping himself and his music alive in the hearts and minds of his fans. Chris explains “You need to care about your audience and whether they are getting music that they love. A lot of artists, especially those in their 20s, say, ‘Oh, the road is too difficult. I’m going to take four years off.’ And then their audience goes, ‘Goodbye.’ I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to be able to tour well into my 60s or 70s if I can still play the horn.” Botti continues “You have to sacrifice a lot of life for the benefits of being able to walk on stage every night and be grateful that there is an audience there for you because they can just as easily spend their money and go download the latest and greatest thing and not come to your show,” said Botti. “That’s something that I’m well aware of.”

Chris Botti Sporting His Gevril “Avenue of Americas”
Chris Botti Sporting His Gevril 'Avenue of Americas'
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Chris is not only a talented world renowned musician, but a man who understands that you not only have to “play the part” but “look the part as well.” He established his trademark stage attire of fine suits on the recommendation of former Tonight Show trumpet player Doc Severinsen. He is quick to explain the wonderful feeling he experiences wearing fine clothing “The way my body moves inside a suit. They fit the body well, but they are also made of great fabric. It lays on you, it travels well and doesn’t get ruined or lose its shape.”

Botti is a fan of fine timepieces as well. Amongst his collection of Panerai and IWC is a Limited Edition Gevril Avenue of Americas GMT Power Reserve that he wore to Gevril’s worldwide launch event of the Avenue of Americas “Serenade.” The timepiece was a special gift from Gevril owner Samuel Friedmann. Botti attended the event in the company of other Gevril celebrity owners Mario Andretti, Joan Collins, Anne Hathaway as well as the late Paul Newman.

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