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Glam Rock Miami Watch Collection

by Meehna Goldsmith

Glam Rock WatchesWhat do you get when you take the vivacious and charismatic lifestyle of Miami and marry it to the dashing chicness and quality of Italian artistry? The Glam Rock Miami watch collection. Swiss Made and using the best quality materials, the Miami collection abounds with styles from eye-popping color to monochromatic constructions, reflective of the diverse culture backgrounds and clothing that mixes in this metropolitan town.

Each in its own way has a glitzy element that defines the watch models; however, there are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to pick just one. Glam Rock is constantly evolving to stay on top of the trends of high fashion.

Glam Rock Miami Watch CollectionSince this is Glam Rock we’re talking about, a majority of the dials incorporate diamonds that add a sophisticated wink to its rockin’ style partner. For instance, the Miami GR10521D Python, in a stainless steel case, features a diamond flower on the black dial paired with a genuine python strap for an edgy look that will give any outfit a pop.
Miami Beach Skyline

The Matelasse GR40418D places diamonds in this pattern on the black dial and gives it a punch by coloring the case in stainless steel and stainless steel IP gold, giving it a hot look. Those fashion forward ladies know that what goes around comes around and the 1980’s two-tone metal combination is du jour again.

Glam Rock GR10521D
Miami “Python”
Glam Rock GR40418D
Miami “Matelasse”
Glam Rock GR10521D Miami Python Glam Rock GR40418D Miami Matelasse
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Another standout in the Miami collection is the Mirror GR11155 model, a chronograph with a monochromatic case and band shimmering with a very modern and sleek composition. The mother of pearl dial has 16 diamonds twinkling out from the hour indexes along with a date at 4 o’clock.

The Mix and Match models allow you to be your own designer with this chronograph. The palette of the GR11144 starts out with a black-faced chronograph in a stainless steel IP gold case with a real python bezel. But here’s where you come in to the designing picture to decide on the statement you want to make. Choose from a bevy of colorful leather and python straps to suit your mood.

Glam Rock GR11155
Miami “Mirror”
Glam Rock GR11144
Miami “Mix & Match”
Glam Rock GR11155 Miami Mirror Glam Rock GR11144 Miami Mix and Match
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Glam Rock illuminates the hands and time elements on their watches for easy reading, including those of the Miami models.

Glam Rock Miami Watch CollectionThere are many more models to discover in this eclectic Miami collection. However, there’s no doubt that each represents high fashion and whichever one graces your wrist you can’t go wrong. Purchase your Glam Rock watch from an authorized Glam Rock dealer.

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