Meccaniche Veloci Only One – Air Helicopter


by John Sealander  

One of the world’s most important helicopters continues to live at the heart of one of the world’s most exclusive timepieces.

Meccaniche Veloci WatchesMeccaniche Veloci’s exclusive Only One Collection made its official debut at Baselworld 2012. Each watch in this amazing “one of a kind” collection is constructed using actual components from the world of speed, like the fiberglass fairing from a racing motorcycle, or the magnesium flap from a supersonic fighter jet.

Now, Meccaniche Veloci is honoring one of the world’s most significant helicopters with the exclusive Swiss-made Only One Air Huey. The dial of this exotic creation has been fabricated from the airframe of an actual Huey helicopter. These extraordinary helicopters were used extensively during the Vietnam War for medical evacuation and were responsible for saving 1000’s of lives.

Meccaniche Veloci Only One Air Helicopter

Only a single example of the Only One Air Huey will be produced for each watch in the Quattro Valvole Collection. Each watch is totally unique, so the Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes Only One, Quattro Valvole 44 Chronograph, and the Quattro Valvole 42 Power Reserve each have their own one-of-a kind dial.

The construction of these unique timepieces has been rigorously documented and certified by Meccaniche Veloci. One lucky person will not only get an engineering masterpiece, they will also get a priceless treasure that is a genuine piece of history. For the serious collector, the Meccaniche Veloci “Only One” Air – Helicopter represents the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Huey made its first flight on October 20, 1956. Now, almost 56 years later, this celebrated workhorse will make its final flight to land on some lucky watch aficionado’s wrist. If you would like to become the owner of this extraordinary timepiece, contact your authorized Meccaniche Veloci dealer immediately.

The Huey became famous for the role it played in rescuing 100 U.S. soldiers stranded in the Vietnam jungle in 1967. With this amazing watch on your wrist, you could be the famous one this time.

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