Watchmaker to Kings Introduces a Writing Instrument Worthy of Royalty

by John Sealander  

Gevril Pocket Watch Dated 1781Gevril Horlogerie has been making superlative timepieces for over 265 years. During this time, their reputation for quality has not gone unnoticed. When Jacques Gevril, the company’s founder, created a specially crafted watch for King Ferdinand VI of Spain, the watch was so well received that Gevril was appointed Royal Swiss Watchmaker to the Spanish Crown.

The tradition continues to this day with some of today’s most widely recognized kings and queens of entertainment wearing Gevril watches as well. Celebrities like Mario Andretti, Martin Sheen, Denzel Washington, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sting, Geena Davis, and Joan Rivers all wear Gevril watches proudly.

Gevril Pens

Gevril GEV-F-1194 Sterling Silver Black Fountain PenNow, Gevril has taken everything they’ve learned about the production of fine timepieces and applied this knowledge to create a superlative writing instrument.

Gevril pens are in a league of their own. These magnificent writing instruments have a heft and stature to them that cannot be ignored. These are pens that are suitable for signing treaties and making sweeping proclamations. Of course, you are welcome to write letters with them as well.

Gevril GEV-R-2226 Sterling Silver Red Rollerball PenEach Gevril writing instrument is hand crafted in Italy using marbleized Italian resins and sterling silver. These sophisticated pens are available in about two dozen styles and each edition features the Gevril logo engraved around the circumference of the cap as well as the unique signature Gevril “3679” clip.

Gevril pens are available in fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint models to accommodate your individual writing style. Since these luxurious writing instruments are produced in very limited quantities, be sure to contact your Gevril dealer immediately to reserve your favorite pen today.

Gevril Pen Box Masterpieces Since 1758
Beautiful Gevril Pen Box with New Gevril “Masterpieces Since 1758” Logo

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