Gattinoni Cassiopea Watch Collection

by John Sealander  

The ancient Greeks placed Queen Cassiopea in the heavens as punishment for her beauty. Today’s fashionistas place a Gattinoni Cassiopea on their wrist as a reward for their good taste.

Gattinoni WatchesAccording to legend, Queen Cassiopea became a familiar constellation in the Northern sky when this vain but beautiful wife of Cepheus boasted that she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs. Now, she spends her time wheeling around the Celestial Pole as punishment. No such fate awaits those who place a Gattinoni Cassiopea watch on their wrist. The Gattinoni name has been associated with the ethereal beauty of the stars and this celestial gem will bring nothing but rewards to those who wear it.

Buy Gattinoni Cassiopea Watch CollectionThe spectacular Gattinoni Cassiopea features a strikingly original dial with a small, round three-hand configuration time display orbiting a larger black or white circle demarked by twelve precisely marked quadrants. Both the small and large orbs are encircled by a constellation of sparkling Swarovski crystals embedded in the bezel and around the time display. There is an additional larger Swarovski crystal set in the crown at 4 o’clock.

This exquisite 43 mm stainless steel timepiece has been fitted with one of Gattinoni’s trademark Planetarium straps. These beautiful straps are constructed by cutting the front of the strap from a large oilcloth imprinted with the famous Gattinoni planetarium pattern. The fabric is then married with a strip of premium calfskin to create the finished band. This technique makes every single band a unique work of art.

This glittering beauty is powered by a premium Japanese quartz movement designed to provide years of reliable service and is water resistant to 99 feet. Like all Gattinoni timepieces, the Cassiopea is a testament to Gattinoni’s unwavering commitment to producing fine women’s timepieces that are fashion forward, affordable and feminine.

Buy Gattinoni Cassiopea Watch CollectionReward yourself with something beautiful on your wrist this Spring. All you have to do is contact an authorized Gattinoni dealer and ask to see the spectacular Cassiopea Collection.

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