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Large Watches - Versace V-Race GMT Alarm 29G7S9D009 S009

Large watches are in. Now that the wristwatch has become a fashion statement, size has become just as important as color, style, and choice of materials when selecting a timepiece. People are wearing bigger watches for a wide variety of reasons. For starters, men and women are dressing more casually these days. When you’re wearing sporty looking jeans, polo shirts and sneakers, you naturally want to wear a timepiece with similar styling. As a result of today’s more casual styles, the popularity of diver watches, chronographs, pilot’s watches, and other sports watches has grown dramatically. These sports watches have always been larger than dress watches, and now they have become more popular as well.

There’s another reason for the popularity of big-faced watches. When women started wearing men’s watches as a fashion trend, it left the men looking for something even larger. Few men wanted to see women wearing a bigger watch than they wore. To meet the demand for an even bolder, more masculine look, the oversize watch was born. Men who used to routinely wear a watch that was 36-40 mm in diameter, started feeling more comfortable wearing slightly larger 39-42 mm styles. Today, a 42 mm watch is considered normal, and many popular timepieces are considerably larger.

Men and women alike have fallen in love with today’s big, chunky look. Top designers like Versace have popularized the larger look with big, bold styles like the Versace V-Race. Renowned watchmakers like Fortis now showcase their most complex and expensive designs in larger sizes, like their impressive new limited edition 43 mm F-43 Flieger.

Many brands like Haurex and GV2 now sell watches as large as 50 mm, while other brands like Germany’s Haemmer sell only big watches. Haemmer calls itself “the brand for oversize watches” and offers over a dozen men’s 50 mm models to choose from, with an almost equal number of oversized women’s watches.

In today’s world of individual expression and lifestyle choices, there will always be a place for large watches. These monster timepieces offer a dramatic new way to make a big statement and show the world that you’re living large. High-tech lightweight materials like titanium and carbon fiber will make it possible to design even larger timepieces in the future. How large will these watches become? Only time will tell.

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