Calibre Watches

Calibre Watches

You can often tell the caliber of a soldier by the quality of their tools.

Calibre WatchesHigh calibre equipment is essential to any soldier. From tanks to timepieces, military forces depend on gear that is reliable and easy to use in difficult situations. This is why the military has always favored its own distinct style of timepieces.

Military watches typically feature rugged construction and clear, easily readable dials. These high calibre timepieces have provided the inspiration for Calibre Watches: an exciting collection of military style wristwatches created by Samuel Friedmann in 2002 to bring this practical esthetic to a wider audience.

You don’t have to be a soldier or a pilot to appreciate the unique qualities of a Calibre Watch. The entire Calibre Collection exemplifies the durability and practical functionality that military watches are famous for. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of diver, pilot, chronograph, and day/date styles that are constructed from solid blocks of stainless steel and equipped with dependable quartz movements designed for years of reliable service.

Utilizing simple, highly readable dials and a wide selection of comfortable straps, these practical timepieces are perfect for today’s casual lifestyles. All Calibre timepieces exhibit the superb finish and attention to detail you’d expect in a watch costing thousands of dollars more. Some models are even water resistant to an impressive 330 feet.

You can wear a Calibre timepiece anywhere. Choose a Calibre Hawk Diver or Sea Knight if you like water sports. Drivers and pilots may prefer the impressive Calibre Buffalo or Recruit chronographs. From the simple three-hand configuration of the Calibre Trooper to the multi-function dial of the Calibre Mauler, these superb military style timepieces are sure to please anyone who appreciates fine, functional timing tools.

Calibre timepieces can be equipped with a wide variety of premium leather, comfortable rubber, and even genuine NATO military straps. Integrated stainless steel bracelets are also available on some models. If you’d like to put one of these high-calibre timing tools on your own wrist, just contact your authorized Calibre dealer today and ask to see the full line of Calibre Watches.

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