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Johan Eric – Copenhagen Coat of Arms Caseback

by John Sealander

When King Frederick III of Denmark granted the Coat of Arms of
Copenhagen in 1661, he also granted the citizens of Copenhagen the same rights to own property as the Danish nobility.

They seem to have liked watches ever since.

Johan Eric WatchesCopenhagen Coat of ArmsThe historic Copenhagen Coat of Arms has long been a symbol of Denmark’s remarkable freedom of expression and creative spirit. As a founding member of the United Nations and the country ranked as having the world’s highest level of income equality, Denmark is considered by some to be the happiest country on earth.

What makes the citizens of Denmark so happy? There are many reasons, but the citizens of this small country have certainly developed an appreciation for the finer things. Danish designers like Jacob Jensen and Arne Jacobsen have become world famous for designs that focused on the user; while maintaining a respect for natural materials, and showing a remarkable attention to detail.

It is no surprise that the watch industry was an early beneficiary of Denmark’s unique design esthetic. To this day, Danish timepieces are prized for their beauty and functional simplicity. Johan Eric continues this Danish tradition of fine design with a superb collection of timepieces that exemplify the simplicity and clean lines that have made Danish Design famous around the world.

Copenhagen Coat of Arms Engraving on Johan Eric Caseback
Copenhagen Coat of Arms Engraving on Johan Eric Caseback


Slim, modern lines, superb craftsmanship and great value characterize all Johan Eric watches. On the back of each of these fine timepieces is an engraving of the famous Copenhagen Coat of Arms. Johan Eric is extremely proud of its Danish roots. The beautiful Johan Eric Skive, Hobro, Streuer, Tondor, Agersø, Helsingør and Vejle Collections are each named after a different Danish city. The distinctive laser engraving on each stainless steel caseback is another way of celebrating the brand’s unique Danish heritage.

Buy Johan Eric WatchesEach of Johan Eric’s stunning contemporary designs is paired with a high quality quartz movement, for reliable, trouble-free operation. The fit and finish of these watches is impeccable and seldom found on timepieces at this price point. To see how attractive the influence of Copenhagen can look on your own wrist, look for the authorized Johan Eric dealer nearest you. Even though the finely etched engraving on each caseback is enchanting, we think you’ll want to wear your new watch dial side up.

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