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Welcome to the Gevril Outlet

by John Sealander

If you keep your watches in a glass case, this message will not interest you. But if you actually wear the watches you buy, you’re going to want to visit the Gevril Outlet immediately.

What’s the first thing that happens when you buy a new watch? It’s almost inevitable that you scratch it. Most of these tiny scratches are inconsequential and they don’t detract in the least from wearing the timepieces we love. Truthfully, just about the only way you can avoid these small blemishes is to put the watch in a drawer and never wear it.

What if you could buy a brand new watch at a very steep discount just because it already had a tiny cosmetic imperfection? You can at the Gevril Outlet Store! The Gevril Outlet sells brand new, unused luxury watches that are guaranteed to be in 100% perfect working order, shipped in the original box with full documentation and the manufacturers full warranty*. The only differences between these fine timepieces and other watches that Gevril sells are a few almost invisible imperfections.

Some of the Watches on Sale at the Gevril Outlet

The watches pictured here and more than one hundred others are available online at the Gevril Outlet at the time of this writing.

Gevril Group has always been extremely meticulous about the watches that leave our warehouse. If these fine timepieces aren’t 100% perfect, we send them to our Gevril Outlet and pass the savings on to you. The tiny scuffs or nicks which occasionally occur during shipping, or while the watch is on display in our showrooms are identical to the blemishes your watch will inevitably receive when you start wearing it. Why go through the stress of wondering when you are going to get the first scratch on your new watch, when you could be enjoying wearing it at a huge discount instead?

New Brand Name Watches Deeply Discounted

Every timepiece available for purchase at the Gevril Outlet is a brand new watch. These luxury watches have never been worn and are fully guaranteed to be in 100% working order. Each watch is shipped in the original packaging with complete documentation and a full manufacturer’s warranty*. Any imperfections are clearly detailed on the Gevril Outlet website, so there will be no surprises.

Savvy shoppers have already discovered that buying a watch at the Gevril Outlet is a win/win proposition. They have a unique opportunity to obtain their favorite timepieces at a significant discount, while eliminating the stress of wondering when they’re going to get that inevitable first scratch. If you want a blemish free watch, you’re going to have to keep it in a glass case. In the real world, watches get scratched and cars get dinged in shopping center parking lots. To start enjoying the next watch you wear, just go to the Gevril Outlet at and start shopping today.

*Unless otherwise indicated.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupWatchmaker and wholesale watch distributor Gevril Group is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury, Swiss and fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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