Versatile GV2 Polpo Chronograph Collection

by John Sealander  

The versatile octopus has eight arms. The equally versatile GV2 Polpo has eight different functions.

GV2 WatchesPolpo means octopus in Italian. These clever cephalopods are known for their ability to camouflage and defend themselves against predators and travel swiftly through the water. With eight arms, three hearts and the ability to use their own ink to make them invisible, these highly intelligent creatures can be trained to solve complex problems and have even been observed playing.

It is no surprise that the exciting new GV2 Polpo takes its name from this amazing sea creature. Like the octopus, the GV2 Polpo is extremely versatile. Instead of eight arms, this masculine 48 mm men’s chronograph has at least eight distinct functions.

GV2 1401 Polpo – MSRP $2,395 GV2 1401B Polpo – MSRP $2,895
GV2 1401 Polpo GV2 1401B Polpo
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With a unidirectional rotating bezel, a tachymeter scale inscribed on the chapter ring, a convenient date window at 3 o’clock, a small seconds sub-dial, multiple elapsed time totalizers, a large red sweep hand controlled by two convenient pushers, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a durable stainless steel case that is water resistant to 330 feet, this remarkable timepiece is ready for anything.

The GV2 Polpo combines the best of a diver’s watch and an aviator chronograph in a single exciting timepiece. With 1/10th second and 30-minute totalizers, along with a convenient tachymeter scale, events from road rallies to an afternoon jog can be tallied with ease.

GV2 1400 Polpo – MSRP $2,395 GV2 1400B Polpo – MSRP $2,895
GV2 1400 Polpo GV2 1400B Polpo
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GV2 1402 Polpo – MSRP $2,395 GV2 1402B Polpo – MSRP $3,095
GV2 1402 Polpo GV2 1402B Polpo
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The watch is equally versatile under water. With a 60-minute unidirectional rotating bezel to keep track of your oxygen supply, bright luminous hands and indices, and a rugged stainless steel case suitable for everyday diving, this is a timepiece any adventurer can depend on.

The GV2 Polpo Collection is available in ten exciting editions, each produced in a strictly limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide. You can choose from black, silver, gunmetal, and orange dials, with available two tone coordinated topstitched leather bands. A fitted stainless steel bracelet is also available.

GV2 1403 Polpo – MSRP $2,595 GV2 1403B Polpo – MSRP $3,095
GV2 1403 Polpo GV2 1403B Polpo
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GV2 1404 Polpo – MSRP $2,595 GV2 1404B Polpo – MSRP $3,095
GV2 1404 Polpo GV2 1404B Polpo
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GV2 Polpo Chronographs are powered by a premium Swiss made Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph movement. Like all GV2 timepieces the impressive Polpo is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking for a stylish timepiece with a multitude of uses, remember the octopus. To see which Polpo model looks best on your wrist, contact your authorized GV2 dealer immediately and ask to see the entire GV2 Polpo Chronograph Collection.

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5 Responses to Versatile GV2 Polpo Chronograph Collection

  1. Shangar Selvam says:

    Today I got my GV2 Polpo 1403 Watch, and I’m really surprised to see the number… it is Limited Edition 001/500. Is it true that I got the No: 1 watch of 500’s?

    Totally I love the watch, I read someone commented that it’s truly a Men Watch… yes, it is. Actually my wife bought this for my birthday this month. She really like this watch on my wrest. A good choice! Thanks Gevril…

  2. Robert Koss says:

    I am an extremely proud owner of the 1401B model with the stainless band. I can’t say enough of how pleased I am with the timepiece . I get so many compliments everyday and occasionally several times a day. I really didn’t expect that kind of attention from a divers watch but I guess people know quality when they see it! I have a few other expensive watches and I have hardly gotten a comment when wearing them!!! Go figure!!!

  3. Larry GV says:

    Enjoy Jason! We too hope that the GV2 Polpo will become your favorite watch. 🙂

  4. Jason Jamieson says:

    I just ordered my first Gervil GV2, I ordered the 1403B Polpo. I have been wanting to purchase a GV2 for quite awhile and finally decided to just order one. I almost ordered a Lucky 7 last year, but decided not to order it, but I am hopeful that the Polpo will be my new favorite watch. I own about 20 watches from Victorinox, Invicta, Ferrari, Tissot, and Tag Heuer. My watch is supposed to be delivered December 9 and I am anxious to wear my new timepiece.

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