Giulio Romano – Emblem of Italy Caseback

by John Sealander  

From the multi-talented Renaissance painter who is the brand’s
namesake, to the Italian coat of arms on every caseback,

Giulio Romano timepieces are a celebration of Italy’s heritage.

Giulio Romano WatchesIt’s no surprise that that the enormously talented Mannerist painter Giulio Romano became the namesake for an exciting new collection of Italian timepieces. From their unique stainless steel crown with seven raised dots, to the Italian coat of arms engraved on each caseback, every Giulio Romano timepiece is a celebration of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.

Emblem of ItalyThe emblem of Italy, engraved on the back of each watch, represents the richness and diversity of Italy. The five-pointed star, or stellone d’italia, represents the protection provided by the army of the Italian Republic.

The gear in the center represents the Italian constitution that governs the republic of Italy and the willingness of the Italian people to work hard to achieve their goals. The oak and olive branches flanking this cogwheel represent the beautiful landscape of Italy and the productivity of the fertile land. When this emblem was first proposed in 1946 under the leadership of Alcide De Gasperi, it was put to a vote of the Italian people who chose the design themselves.

Italy uses this distinctive coat of arms to this day and it has become a source of pride to all Italians. To further celebrate its Italian roots, each Giulio Romano Collection is named after a different region in Italy and shows off a different aspect of Italian style and design.

Giulio Romano Emblem of Italy Caseback Engraving
Giulio Romano Emblem of Italy Caseback Engraving

Buy Giulio Romano WatchesThe Giulio Romano Toscana, Ferrara, Pescara, Piemonte, Rimini, and Termoli Collections all pay homage to Italy’s unique sense of style and color. These strikingly original and surprisingly affordable designs are powered by a precision quartz movement and are water resistant to 160 feet. Like Italy itself, there is something for everybody in these impressive new Italian inspired timepieces. What part of this rich Italian heritage will appeal to you? Well, you’ll have to contact an authorized Giulio Romano dealer and see for yourself.

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