US Postal Service and Amazon Team Up to Inaugurate Sunday Deliveries

Amazon Delivery

by John Sealander  

Amazon Makes Two-Day Deliveries a 24/7 Promise

AmazonFor the first time ever, the world’s largest Internet retailer will now be delivering orders on Sunday. In an unprecedented partnership with the US Postal Service, has started offering its online customers Sunday deliveries in select US markets. The new Sunday delivery service has already arrived in New York and Los Angeles, and Amazon plans to expand it to a large portion of the US population in 2014, including Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix.

Members of Amazon’s popular Prime Service will pay nothing extra for this new delivery option. They can now buy products on Friday and get Sunday delivery for free. Non-Prime members can also take advantage of free Sunday delivery on orders of at least $35.

Saving the US Postal Service?

This innovative partnership with Amazon is a welcome new source of revenue for the financially struggling US Postal Service. The fastest growing segment of our business is the package business,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said. “The future of package delivery is a seven-day-a-week schedule. We’ve got the capacity to do it.”

Could private companies like Amazon help the US Postal Service become profitable again? It’s entirely possible. The postal service already expects to deliver 420 million packages this holiday season. This represents a 12% increase over last year, and the new partnership with Amazon could significantly increase these numbers.

Amazon Getting Even Quicker

Amazon is committed to service. It has been spending billions of dollars building new warehouses around the world so it can deliver products more quickly. By offering seven-day-a-week deliveries, they can keep these sophisticated warehouses working for customers on a 24/7 basis, becoming even more productive in the process.

“The three big pieces of growth for us are selection, lower prices and speed,” says Dave Clark, Vice President of worldwide operations and customer service for Amazon “Adding an additional day to our delivery schedule is all about speed. Now, an Amazon customer can order a backpack and a Kindle for their child on Friday and be packing it up on Sunday for school on Monday.”

Sunday deliveries will benefit Amazon, the US Postal Service and customers everywhere. It is a win-win for everybody and you can only wonder why nobody thought of this before.

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