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New Buildings to Be Ready for Baselworld 2013

by John Sealander  

Planned Construction at Baselworld Will Set
New Standards for Luxury Exhibit Space

For nearly a century, the world’s leading watch manufacturers have been exhibiting their wares in Basel, Switzerland. The first Schweizer Mustermesse Basel dates all the way back to 1917. Over the years, the importance of this famous watch and jewelry trade show has continued to grow. By the time the show officially adopted the name Baselworld in 2003, it already occupied several large exhibit halls and was widely recognized as the world’s premier trade show in the luxury goods industry.

To accommodate the hundreds of thousands of visitors that the Basel Fair attracts every year, an ambitious new modernization program is now underway that will transform the huge Baselworld exhibit complex yet again. The new exhibit buildings will provide exhibitors with a total of 140,000 square meters of exhibit space, and allow visitors from around the world to enjoy unprecedented convenience as they convene to see what is new and important in the world of luxury.

Artist's Rendition of Baselworld 2013 Courtesy of Baselworld

Phase 1 of Construction to Be Ready for Baselworld 2012

Phase 1 of construction has already begun and will be completed in December of 2011. The existing Hall 1 is being extended towards Exhibition Square, and when completed, will contain three new levels of exhibit space. Another brand new three-story exhibit hall will also be constructed nearby, and a third two-story building above Exhibition Square will link both hall complexes. These ambitious expansions will allow the entire exhibit area to accommodate the larger multistory booths that many vendors prefer, while making the entire exhibit area more compact and accessible for the convenience of visitors.

The current sector concept for the show, with different products divided into specialized sectors within the six exhibition halls, will remain unchanged for Baselworld 2012. After this, Phase 2 of construction will begin. During this second phase of construction, all of Baselworld’s existing exhibit halls will be dismantled and be completely rebuilt.

Phase 1 of Construction to Be Ready for Baselworld 2012

Phase 2 of Construction to Be Ready for Baselworld 2013

It is anticipated that the exterior shell of these new buildings will be completed by the Fall of 2012. All interior construction should be completed by January of 2013, just in time for Baselworld 2013, the most exciting show that Baselworld has hosted yet.

APhase 2 of Construction to Be Ready for Baselworld 2013

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