Gevril Columbus Circle Pens

by John Sealander  

The Gevril Columbus Circle Was Always Worth Writing Home About
Now it Comes With Something to Write With

Gevril WatchesIt’s hard to imagine how the spectacular Gevril Columbus Circle timepiece could get any better, but it just did. The amazing timepiece, with its trademark astrological symbol dial, now comes as a specially boxed set with the equally spectacular Columbus Circle pen.Gevril Columbus Circle Box with Pen and Watch

The luxurious solid brass writing instrument features an intricately carved commemorative engraving of the statue of Christopher Columbus at the center of Columbus Circle on the lower brass barrel. The top barrel of the pen has received a lustrous, multi-layer lacquer finish in either blue or black. A middle ring adorned with the same astrological symbols for the days of the week as the Columbus Circle watch separates these two components.

A solid brass clip with a built-in spring is engraved with the words Columbus Circle and the Gevril logo and attached to the clear epoxy cap at the top of the pen. The pen features an easy-to-use twist mechanism to retract the writing tip and uses a high quality Swiss made ink cartridge. With its precision brass body and stainless steel working parts, this beautiful writing instrument is a treasured heirloom that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Gevril Columbus Circle Pens

Each Gevril Columbus Circle writing instrument is hand crafted using the finest quality materials. These luxurious pens have a heft and stature that can’t be ignored. You may feel like signing treaties and making sweeping proclamations with a writing instrument of this quality, but it’s also good for writing letters. Like all Gevril products, this exclusive Columbus Circle pen and watch set will be produced in very limited quantities. If you would like to secure one of these amazing boxed sets for yourself or as a gift, contact an authorized Gevril dealer immediately. We urge you to call, since time is of the essence. You’ll have plenty of time for writing after you receive your pen.

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