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Swiss Customs Authorities Impound Over 5,000 Counterfeit Watches

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by John Sealander  

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry Continues to Fight
Counterfeiting With a Record Seizure at the Zurich Airport

Forgeries have been a major problem within the watch industry for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, recent advances in technology have made the problem even worse. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to make realistic copies of famous designs. Swiss watchmakers are being hit particularly hard by counterfeiting, since a flood of fake watches undermines the well-deserved reputation for innovation, perfection and expertise that the words “Swiss Made” represent.

To combat the growing counterfeiting problem, The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has mounted an aggressive effort to identify counterfeiters and seize the fraudulent goods they produce.

On September 30, 2013 the Federation announced that customs officers at Switzerland’s Zurich International Airport had impounded more than 5,000 fake watches in one of the largest postal seizures ever made in Switzerland. Between August and September 2013, customs officials impounded nearly 9,000 counterfeit items, including more than 5,000 watches. The counterfeit goods were initially shipped in a number of consignments, all originating from the same source in Greece. The fake watches were in transit to Spain and Portugal, and could have ultimately entered the American market.

Vigilance Required

According to watch industry insider and Gevril Group founder Samuel Friedmann, these new seizures by Swiss authorities make it more important than ever to be vigilant when purchasing a fine timepiece. “You need to always make sure you know who you are buying from,” says Friedmann. “There are many reputable retailers, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. The more desirable the timepiece, the more people who are going to try to copy it.”

With watches continuing to grow in popularity as essential fashion accessories, the incentive for counterfeiters to sell their fakes is expected to continue unabated. The sad truth is that as long as people continue to buy cheap copies of their favorite luxury watch brands, somebody will continue making them.

Be a Part of the Solution

A number of international studies have already demonstrated clear links between organized crime and counterfeiting. “Anyone who loves fine watches needs to help combat the counterfeiting problem by never knowingly purchasing counterfeit goods,” says Mr. Friedmann. “There is real value in the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into the production of a genuine Swiss watch and we need to do everything we can to preserve that value.”

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